Dead Fantasy V — Tifa’s Epic Battle to a Conclusive Trilogy

7-31-2009 1-51-39 PM*Spoiler Alert*. Reading this post might spoil the fun of watching the actual video. Btw, you can download Dead Fantasy V on Monty’s Oum Gametrailers account.

First of all I want to say, “That’s what I’m talking about”. Bravo for the spectacular Dead Fantasy V which has more action sequence in the video of approximately 8 minutes span. This Dead Fantasy episode features a lot of bloody fighting scene between Tifa and Hitomi. Well, it’s not a fair battle actually since Hitomi has a reinforcement, Hayate.

The scene changes to a chase scene on a train and down to a empty warehouse between Tifa and Hayate’s army. I got to say that this is an epic battle for Tifa which show how fierce she is against a platoon of ninja army. Eventhough in the end she is severly injured and collapse, rendering her to an unconcious state, Tifa has shown her full strength with all that arrows and swords piercing to her.

After she collapsed, Tifa was brought to a helicopter by Hayate after he got a slap from Hitomi (I guess she is mad since Hayate nearly killed Tifa. Wait, aren’t they enemies? Well, I guess it is to show you that they are a protagonist type with justice upholded to maximum priority). Anyway, Tifa was escorted to a city unconciously to a big city.

Meanwhile, in another area, Kasumi is fighting with her clone which then she got a help from two of her DOA friends (forgot the name, sorry^^). So I guess, from the plot so far, there will be a somekind of unison between DOA characters and Final Fantasy characters (I don’t know which will unite with which), since DOA main characters (Hitomi and Kasumi) seemed to disliked the way the battle are progressing (you know, with that reinforcement and brutal near-killing method).

I guess that leaves us for the battle between Rikku against Ayane which may or may not occur in the city which Tifa is escorted to. But one thing is for sure is that it will be an epic battle of Cloud trying to save Tifa and I can’t hardly wait for the next installment of Dead Fantasy. Standing applause for you Monty Oum for creating such a great Fan made works such as Dead Fantasy. Keep up the good work, man.

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6 responses to “Dead Fantasy V — Tifa’s Epic Battle to a Conclusive Trilogy

  1. Great job! I love final fantasy and i really want to see what comes next! btw, would you happen to have the e-mail to square enix? We should all show them Monty Oum’s work! I think they would Love it!

  2. i love tifa she is so cool and how she fights is amazing too^_^ i hope nothing bad happends and i heard clouds tring to find her?…

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