Merantau — An Indonesia Revolusionary Thirst Quenching Action Movie

merantau_posterJust got back from the cinema with my friend, Rana. We watched this new film entitled “Merantau”. “Merantau” is an Indonesian word which means “Journey”. The story is just like the title presumed, a journey of a young man from the Minang tribe to Jakarta where he dreams to be a pencak silat (a kind of Indonesian martial art) teacher. In minang tribe, it is a custom for a boy who is in his puberty to go to a journey to mature his mind.

I got to say, the first time I’m interested in this film is when I saw the trailer with full motion kungfu style action pack (See the movie below for the trailer of this movie). And after I saw the whole movie by my own eyes, the trailer was no waste of time, it is a full motion action pack film. I immediately felt nostalgic about this kind of film genre. “Deru Debu” and “Jacklyn” were once my favorite TV series when I was in my elementary school and it has the same genre as “Merantau”. If those movie seems foreign to you, “Merantau” has the same fighting essence as those Jackie Chan type movie.

So much for the action pack, how about the story? Well, I got to say you won’t disappointed by the story in this film since it is scripted smartly by G.H. Evans, the script writer for Ong Bak. You’ll see a little bit of romance, heroic action, and tragedy, combined into a nice story to be watched. Oh yeah, there is a little bit of comedy so I guess this film has it all. So fellas, if you’re wondering what to watch at the cinema, I may suggest you watching “Merantau”, a wicked action pack film with good storyline to watch. Btw, I ended up crying in the end of the film, which is very rare for me to do^^.


8 responses to “Merantau — An Indonesia Revolusionary Thirst Quenching Action Movie

  1. told u, it was awesome.
    minor correction only for the blood logistic, i guess. it looked like syrup or blueberry sauce.

    Iko was cool, totally cool. Tho he’s not a real actor, he can act well in front of the camera.

    I’d rather watch this twice than GI Joe.

    • So it isn’t just my imagination that there is something weird about the blood. Well, who cares anyway, it was a great film and I will definitely want to watch it again as an appreciation of how great this movie really is. Agree on the G.I. Joe part there, that film is lame in the storyline.

  2. just wondering, how would u feel if u have pieces of glass stuck on ur face?

    that scene tickled my stomach *uuugghhh..*

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