Suspicion Rise Whether Noordin M. Top Really Died

NOORDIN M TOPAfter the ambush in Temanggung, Central Java, which presumably led to the death of a suspected terrorist which led the bombing incident in Bali, Australian embassy, and J.W. Marriot & Ritz Carlton, rise a question whether the dead person found in the ambush was really Noordin M. Top.

This suspicion rise because the police forensic result was way too long to be confirmed and there are a number of arguments which rise the doubt of the suspected dead man to be Noordin M. Top. The arguments are:

  • The survillience robot that was dispatched to spy on the house revealed that there were three people in the house. However, only one person found dead on the scene.
  • The alleged suspect was screaming “I’m Noordin M. Top” while releasing a gunshot back to the police which clearly weird for him to reveal his own identity. The person that was screaming was presumably a decoy to distract the police while the genuine Noordin M. Top flee.
  • ex-member Jemaah Islamiyah stated that the deceased that was found matches the identity of Ibrohim instead of Noordin M. Top.

With all that factors concerned, it is logical that the doubt of whether the police really killed Noordin M. Top or not. All we can do now is wait for the confirmation from the police.


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