Communism & The Dilemma of a Nation Under One God in Indonesia

pancasilaYou see, I’ve been aching to spit this out from my system since it’s been bugging for years. If you see in the left picture here, is the five foundation called Panacasila that builds Indonesia as a country. We are so proud of this foundation and it is constantly recited in all schools during the official ceremony every Monday and National celebration.

Well, I don’t completely detests all the content of Pancasila since 4 of 5 foundations are great. However, I do have a problem with the first foundation of Pancasila, which is “One nation under one God”.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t detest those people who hold dear their religion. Heck, even I’m a muslim but not very religious (I’m probably an agnostic here), but I do have trouble in understanding that by living as a citizen of Indonesia, you have to be a part of one religion. What if someone decided his an atheist? Should he be expelled from being an Indonesian just because doesn’t believe in a supreme being. If you see the 45 subroot of Pancasila (Butir Pengamalan Pancasila), you will see that 7 subroots of the first foundation of Pancasila only stated tolerance of inter-religion. There is no tolerence with person which doesn’t believe God since that first foundation only belongs to people with religion.

Truly, this condition saddens me as I recollect my knowledge of the incident which happened September 30th 1965 which doctrinize Indonesian to hate communism. It’s logical Indonesians feel this way since the pioneer party which brought communism to Indonesia, the Indonesian Comunism Party (Partai Komunis Indonesia), did a lot of damage during that week from compromising the national country to killing the generals of Indonesia army.

Since then, communism is banned in Indonesia, even the logo of communism is banned to be publically display in mass media. It’s a little hypocritcal of us isn’t it to banned a principal just because some organization did something bad to the nation? When terrorism spread and muslim people were in the notion of giving birth to terrorism, we all scream and defend ourselves that our religion teaches good and peace. How about communism? What does communism teaches us? Isn’t it teaches us same welfare for all community? Isn’t it the same as the 4th and 5th foundation of Pancasila? Aren’t we being hypocritical here?

And to lump atheists to be a part of communism and worst of all the lump them with the PKI is just detestable. They have no connection whatsoever to that particular principal and now they are being judged in every 5th grade elementary school national test as the source of chaos in Indonesia. Come on, aren’t we just the same people who deserves to be respected? Than why atheists and religious people are so being differed from one another? I think it’s time to reconsider the Pancasila to make Indonesia a better and justify to live without any prejudice to anyone’s faith.


12 responses to “Communism & The Dilemma of a Nation Under One God in Indonesia

  1. Well, I agree with your opinion that the first foundation of Pancasila will discriminate The Atheists and The 1st foundation only belongs to the people with the religion.

    As a Catholic (but not very religious). I feel that the 1st foundation needs to be redesigned. so it won’t dicriminate The Atheists. (without change the spirit of the 1st foundation)

  2. arouse Indonesia.. don’t be easily provoked by human irresponsible one,since I am certain if berakit preceding raft disports then,and makes a abode pancasila’s law guard indonesian.

  3. Salam Merdeka… Dari pada semua itu marilah kita melihat untuk menyatukan perbedaan yang ada dengan berusaha pada kenyataan..dan menyamaratakan kemakmuran yang seadil adilnya berdasarkan dari yang terbawah bersama Kepemimpinan dan Berlandaskan Bhineka Tunggal Ika… Selamat Indonesia dan Dunia…Amien..

    • Bagaimana cara kita menyatukan perbedaan, apabila kebebasan manusia untuk tidak percaya pada Tuhan tidak dianggap sebagai hak.
      Apakah semua manusia harus menerima doktrin bahwa Tuhan itu ada untuk menjadi warga Indonesia?

  4. Sebenarnya banyak cara, seperti kita melihat adanya banyak Suku Suku yang berbeda yang sudah Otomatis dari dahulu adanya perbedaan Agama n Kepercayaan , kan seharusnya Kita lestarikan, penjelasan dari Bung Soaza bisa diterima,sama seperti yang Aku mau… hanya saja untuk menumpahkan kritik2 di Negara kita terbatas yang ada nanti kita malah dilacak he..he..JIKALAU seseorang Warga tak punya Agama itu memang Hak Mereka kenapa harus DIBIKIN Masalah,kan bukan berarti Dia tak punya Kepercayaan.Itu sama saja adanya pemaksaan Kodrat..Aku bangga masih ada Seseorang yang berani bersependapat seperti Bung Soaza.Aku juga Muslim tapi lebih diHayati didalam Diri Kepenyerahannya Kepada Allah…JIKALAU masih ada Kita temukan Seseorang tidak BerAgama kan bisa Kita kasih masukan DENGAN PENDIDIKAN yang Baik bukannya malah diAsingkan karna yang udah udah banyak kejadian yang sama. Komunis itu tidak saja Identik dengan Kekerasan,bisa juga apapun yang tak baik di Dunia ini..jadi Kuncinya Berikanlah Pendidikan Kepada Semua Warga Yang SeAdil Adilnya TERUTAMA Warga Indonesia Sebagai Landasan daripada Semua Suku Suku yang Ada maupun yang Terpencil..dengan Hasil Kekayaan Negara Yang Ada UNTUK MEREKA..SALAM MERDEKA.Dan Selamat Semuanya.

    • Dari mana anda bisa mendapatkan kesimpulan bahwa Komunis identik dengan kekerasan dan tidak baik di dunia ini? Komunis itu kan berorientasi kepada komunitas, one wealth for all, atau penyama rataan kekayaan.
      Kalau anda memang seorang muslim, bukankah ini yang dicita-citakan nabi anda? Lalu, kenapa anda bilang Komunis itu tidak baik? Ingat, kalo Komunis itu tidak ada hubungannya dengan atheis.

      Soal pendidikan agama, saya tidak ada masalah apabila seorang anak kecil diberikan pendidikan agama yang berbeda-beda bahkan sampai kepada atheis atau agnostic, lalu dia diberikan kebebasan untuk memilih sesuai apa yang dia percaya.

      Namun, kenyataan yang terjadi adalah anak2 kita sudah dipaksa untuk mempercayai satu doktrin orang tua mereka. Sepertinya kebebasan beragama kita menjadi semu, karena sebenarnya kita tidak diberikan kebebasan untuk memilih agama, melainkan dipaksa untuk mengikuti dan menerima satu agama dari satu sisi yang dipandang agama tersebut.

  5. Bung SOUZA…Maaf ,hanya kurang kata Anti dibelakang kata Komunis. Oh iya Nabi 2 Kita memang selalu menCita Citakan akan Kebaikan dan Kedamaian untuk Kesehatan,Kependidikan,Kemakmuran, dan selanjutnya untuk menyempurnakan Hidup Diberikannya Ajaran2 tentang Kepercayaan, yang Zaman sekarang Kita Sebut sebagai Agama. Nabi2 Kitapun sama seperti Zaman sekarang yang mempunyai Perbedaan2 Kepercayaan/Agama. Salam Merdeka… Selamat Semuanya.

  6. Eh, it’s just words. They added “under god” to the pledge of allegiance in America in the 1950s, and they added “in god we trust” to all the money at the same time – hard to believe in that way the country was MORE secular before that time. But only the whiny atheists who are looking to pick a fight actually care. I always thought it was kind of funny that they had us pledging allegiance to a FLAG, and then they go and say “and to the republic for which it stands”. Sleazy weasel words, is what they are. They know a 5 year old isn’t even going to know what he’s saying since he’s not going to know what the hell a republic is, I thought I was just saying a bunch of goofy weird words that maybe meant something 200 years earlier when I presumed the English language was different but not today, and that it was just some kind of pseudoreligious but non-denominational ritual at the time. It makes me LAUGH that that sleazy immature lawyerish tactic of getting someone to promise something by using words they don’t understand was supposed to instill lifelong nationalism and love of the nation in me and it annoys me that it actually did just that in most of the people around me. But it failed to brainwash me, so I don’t care. And it wouldn’t have been any different for the lack of the words “under god”.

  7. Oh, one more thing. I don’t want what I said to be incorrectly interpreted by assuming individuals that I am saying all atheists are whiny. I’m an atheist. And well, I’m whiny. But I meant only the MOST whiny ones whine about it. Someone once called me an ugly white guy. That isn’t a racist statement, though some people around me incorrectly assumed it was and got all offended and thought I should be offended. I wasn’t offended. I know I’m ugly. I know I’m white. It’s a fact.

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