Tari Pendet Claimed by Malaysia — Indonesia Hypocritical Attempt to Protest

tari_pendetMalaysia attempts to claim Indonesian culture has reached new heights. This time they try to claim Pendet dance (Tari Pendet) to be a part of Malaysian heritage. Malaysia so far has claimed song, dance, and even island to be their property.

As much as I hate the pathetic attempt of a country claiming something that is not theirs and make it one of their own, I more hate Indonesians who mock Malaysians who are stealing their ancestor heritage (wait, that means I hate myself too?).

Anyway, it’s rather hypocrite for us isn’t it to be angry right now. Have we ever see Pendet dance actually? Do you always go to a museum or a traditional cultural event when you have the chance?

I bet the answer is No to once a year. You rather go to a concert to see live performance music. If it is a foreigner or from the USA, you’ll love it more. You don’t care if Wayang is in near of extinction because no one is interested to it anymore. No, you just like to have party and eat fast food instead of buying food from traditional market. Heck, even schools cultural event goes for rock n’ roll concert instead of showing traditional dance and music. Students love hot sexy dancers in cheerleading costume because it’s much more modern.

Now, you still have the nerve to say that Indonesia has the right to that culture? Wouldn’t it be better if Malaysia off to claim Indonesian culture rather than us letting our own culture to go extinct? At least those culture will be preserved better since Malaysian tourism is quite booming there, meaning that there is a better chance for the culture to be known internationally.


137 responses to “Tari Pendet Claimed by Malaysia — Indonesia Hypocritical Attempt to Protest

  1. terima kasih pada Bung souza yang merasa sedih melihat kami,
    kami hanya orang-orang bodoh yg tidak mengerti akan logika dan pemahaman tentang bahasa indonesia apalagi Bahasa inggris.
    Kami tidak marah kalau kami yang tidak sopan ini di sebut munafik walaupun kami tahu bahwa makna atau arti dari munafik itu berhubungan dgn Agama ( maaf ya kalo salah,kami kan orang bodoh ).
    jadi kalo kami membela atau marah marah pada malaysia padahal kami sendiri tidak perduli dengan budaya indonesia secara tidak sopan, mbok ya di maafkan ( sedih )
    kami akan terus menyabarkan diri kami, walaupun Sahabat kami, ( Malaysia ) terus menyakiti hati kami,
    betul begitu Bung souza.
    Jadi kalo sahabat kita Malaysia yg tercinta mempergunakan salah satu budaya kita lagi untuk mempromosikan pariwisatanya, kami akan bantu bung souza untuk mencari orang orang bertindak tidak sopan, kasar padahal sebenarnya orang tidak perduli dengan kebudayan tersebut,kami akan menjuluki mereka munafik atau pahlawan kesiangan ( mana ya yang lebih cocok ),

    atau kami akan bereaksi secara lebih keras, lebih tidak sopan lagi karena malaysia terus menerus mengusik kita, walaupun nanti ada beberapa dari teman kita mengatakan ” ya lebih baik Malaysia yang mengurusi atau menggunakannya dari pada pelan pelan hilang dengan sendirinya sehingga mereka mengunakan untuk iklan pariwisata mereka, toh mereka tidak mengklaim bahwa itu milik mereka”

    atau kita bersama sama mengingatkan pada pemerintah kita yg tercinta untuk segera melakukan sesuatu sambil kita berikrar bahwa kita akan membela segala sesuatu yang menjadi hak bangsa ini sampai mati ( hiks hiks sedih )

    ( Gombloh/penyanyi jalanan )

  2. sabar donk tmen2…yg saya dengar itu cm ksalahan discovery channel aja,mlysia ga claim apa2. masalah video tki juga itu salah!! bukan polisi malaysia mukulin tki, tp mreka mukulin org mlysia sndiri. jgn terprovokasi media qta yg gembar gembor banget kyk qta mau perang ama mlysia. guys, saya mmg dah 2thn krja di mlysia,tp bkn maksud belain mlysia. tp 2 hari lalu di dkt tmpt krja gw ada cewe cina dirompak. n u know, yg ngerampok tuh 2 org tki ilegal asal indonesia. media mlysia jg ga besar2in masalah ini. cm dianggap sbg berita kriminal biasa. plz guys, JANGAN TERPROVOKASI!!!!

  3. bung souza

    Saya nggak bermaksud membuat anda sedih, dan yang saya
    heran kok bisa anda sedih !!!!
    Mungkin karena kebodohan kami ?
    Mungkin karena kemunafikan kami ?
    Mungkin karena ketidak sopanan ?
    atau ada alasan lain ??
    tolong kasih tau, biar kami bisa memperbaiki diri kami,
    Jadi kalau ada kejadian seperti ini lagi, kami bisa bertindak atau bereaksi sesuai dengan apa yang Bung Souza harapkan,

    atau mungkin kami tidak perlu bertindak atau bereaksi karena kami tidak perduli dengan budaya kami sendiri sehingga kami tidak punya hak untuk itu.

    senandung bromocorah ( kata bung Iwan Fals )

  4. Hi there,

    frankly speaking, i am admiring the points brought forward by mr souza. As a malaysian, let me point out facts pertaining to the matter (tarian pendet).

    Firstly, Malaysia has never make any claims that tarian pendet belong to us. Discovery channel has agreed to show 6 documentaries on malaysia. They have invited malaysia production house to provide the contents for the programme. As a paid tv, they need to promote their program, as they are also competing with other channels such as national geographic, history and others for viewers. Discovery channel need to came up with the promo on their own as they need to attract viewers to watch their programme. They have make a mistake in putting the dance in the promo. The material was souced out from another 3rd party. They have officially claimed for their mistake and officially apologised to malaysia and indonesia governments. Therefore, my advise please dont make any accusations before obtaining the real truth.

    Secondly, pertaining to keris, wayang kulit, rasa sayang song and etc, malaysia also had the right to those cultures as they were brought in by migrants from various provinces within the nusantara since 15 centuries. For the matter of fact, malaysia is made up of various communities such as bugis, aceh, java, banjar,minang, thai, chinese, indian, portugese and others. When these communities migrated to malaysia, they had brought with them the cultures which was practised by their fore fathers before them. Are you saying that it is wrong for them to do so? What right do you have in doing so. On this instances, malaysia is merely promoting cultures or customs which are existed whithin its communities and so happen some of those cultures/customs are also existed within Indonesia. We are not STEALING from indonesia. We are just merely defending our right. Just like portugese cultures, we are still promoting portugese cultures as part of our cultures as we have portugese community within the country and the same goes to chinese, indian and other communities. we have not received any complains from portugal, china, india and others. The only complained we received is from Indonesia….so pitiful.

    That is why i have to say that i have to agree and respect mr souza’s point of views. He has brought up the argument succintly.

    Therefore, my advise is dont overly sensitive over the matters as we are civilised society therefore we will not simply copy or claim others property as ours. What we are doing are simply pointed out that those cultures are existing within our various communities.

    Th indonesia government can bring up the matter to international body if you feel you have the right, but please dont make fool of your self. We will be a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

    thank you

    • You know, I love seeing that a Malaysian like you still have the guts to see things maturely with most of Indonesians berating your country now and then. Good job for the wise response, bro.

    • I believe everybody agree (I might be wrong though) that any Indonesian origin have right to practice their custom and culture no matter where they are now, BUT to take other nations cultural symbols for one’s own economic interests, I would rather see it as a bully means.

      Let’s try to picture this: “Promoting Proton (Malaysia car) with a short video clip that shows the latest BMW 7 series (of course without the BMW logo) for the sake of attracting buyers to visit the nearest Proton dealer.”

      Well, I understand Souza’s point pretty clear and as much as I hate a bully means of a country taking other nations cultural symbols and use it for one’s own economic interests, I also hate the hypocritical attempt to protest…

      What I strongly believe is that Indonesians deserve to promote their own cultural heritage to make it more recognizable to the world, thanks but NO thanks, we DO NOT need other country to do it for us, particularly for one’s own economic interests.


      • hi there,

        Please allow me to share the perspective.

        In the case of PROTON and BMW, i have to agree with you however, you have to bear in mind, PROTON and BMW are BUSINESS TRADE MARK….meaning cant be copied by others for commercial purposes. In our scenario, our discussion is about culture, therefore the scenario are different. Please allow me to bring my perspective.

        SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS are consisting of Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and many more small islands. Those pupils are known as polynesians .Besides residing on those islands, polynesians can also be found in new zealand. One of the common culture among polynesians is HAKKA DANCE (war dance). i believe most of us are aware of the dance, especially for rugby followers.

        The hakka dance is widely practised within Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and many other small islands located within South pacific island, including new zealand. Have you ever heard of any arguments among them pertaining to Hakka dance which should be exclusive to only one country in south islands. NEVER HEARD BEFORE….. as they have acknowledged that all those pupils are belong to the same root and known as POLYNESIAN. Even new Zealand is promoted the dance as they also have polynesian community within the country.

        Our case is similar to them. That’s my perspective.

        Thank you

    • I don’t mind our culture being promoted by other country. Our culture get’s to be recognizable and preserved as well that particular country get’s advantage in their tourism. Win-win solution. Hey, who knoes that by promoting our culture, the tourists also interested to see the origin of the culture itself. We need all the help we can get. The last thing we want to be is an arrogant bastard.

      • Hahaha… That’s what I like about you Souza. Very optimistic and try to see things in different perspective.

        I would basically agree with your view to pursue a win-win solution which is the ideal thing. I’ve dropped this option in my previous posting mainly being pessimistic that this is something too good to be true.

        But again, a win-win solution can only be achieved by having an understanding of common economic interest. Simply taking other nations cultural symbols ONLY for one’s own economic interests would still be seen as a bully means, and being ignorance to address this issue can be considered arrogant. I can bet that the last thing we want to deal with is an arrogant bastard :-).

        We would rather put our effort to create the awareness to both Malaysian and Indonesian government to come up with something that can benefit the two countries. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth trying… Let’s hope for the best.

      • Agree with you, bro. That should be the way forward….

        Just to share with most of you….

        In 2008, there were 21 millions tourist came to Malaysia and 6.4 millions tourist came to Indonesia. (You can find the figures from your respective tourism board).

        My point is, Malaysia can help increase the number of tourist coming to Indonesia by promoting the common culture between our beloved countries


        My respect to most of you who are able to view COOPERATION is better to both countries to move forward….BRAVO……

      • kenwell,
        Just want to comment to the new analogy being introduced.
        This is indeed a better analogy as to compare to my silly Proton & BMW, hehe… just want to share some additional info in regards to the dance war.

        Haka dance was composed by the Maori tribe Ngati Toa’s warrior chief Te Rauparaha in the early 19th century to celebrate the fiery warrior’s escape from death in battle (Quote from the web).

        It comes from the very same root of other Polynesian war dances. And Haka dance is considered an icon for Maori people of New Zealand. Fijian and Samoan for example do share the same root of Polynesian culture, but they have their own war dance that they practice as part of their ritual as well as the song (I’d rather call it yell) to accompany the dance.

        Fijian with their “Cibi” war dance
        Samoan with “Siva Tau” war dance

        Same root but they have their very own war dance. The same thing happens with their tattoo, they share the same culture of tattoo making, BUT each tribe has their own pattern that reflects their tribe, or even family.

  5. Satu postingan bisa mengundang ribuan komentar nampaknya.. ehm… jujur saya adalah salah satu pemudi yang kurang mengerti tentang tari daerah, hanya baru2 ini saja saya sedikit demi sedikit mempelajari budaya daerah saya. namun satu hal yang pasti apapun itu, atau bagaimanapun, kita tetap putra putri Indonesia yang harus berdiri membela negara kita dalam hal kebaikan. Saya yakin Tuhan pasti punya rencana luar biasa besar ketika memberi cobaan ini buat Indonesia, mungkin teguran untuk oknum putra putri indonesia yang kurang peduli lagi terhadap budaya bangsanya dan sedikit demi sedikit meninggalkan gaya hidup ke-Indonesia-an.

    Only God knows why…


  6. helo, besar sgt ke ‘cobaan’ yg dihadapi sekarang ni? pelik @ aneh arr kalian nih. pasal tarian pun ribut. sampai demo2 bakar benderalah. apa2lah asal kalian bahagia.

  7. Salam dari saya warga Malaysia yang mempunyai keturunan Jawa dari Wilayah Kebumen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Sebelum kedatangan penjajah kita tidak pernah dipisahkan oleh kedudukan geografi (iaitu negara Indonesia dan negara Malaysia). Kita hidup dalam persaudaraan yang lebih dikenali sebagai umat Melayu. Sebelum kedatangan penjajah (sama ada Belanda/Holland atau British), perpindahan antara dua wilayah ini tidaklah dipanggil proses imigrasi (yang memerlukan pasport) kerana kita adalah serumpun. Sebaliknya perpindahan seperti itu lebih dianggap sebagai amalan merantau, minggat atau boyongan (dikalangan masyarakat Jawa. Kami di Malaysia tidak segan-silu mengatakan bahawa kebanyakkan kebudayaan di Malaysia pada hari ini berasal dari Indonesia yang merupakan tanah tumpah darah datuk dan moyang kami satu masa dahulu. Jadi tidak menjadi satu kejanggalan kalau kami masih mengamalkan kebudayaan dan kesenian yang kami warisi daripada keturunan yang berasal dari Indonesia itu. Secara ilmiahnya (intelektual), perkataan Indonesia dan Malaysia tidak pernah wujud sebelum kedatangan penjajah, namun apa yang sebenarnya ada ialah sebuah ‘Alam Melayu’ yang mempunyai bahasa, kebudayaan dan keseniaan yang hampir-hampir sama kerana kita adalah serumpun. Berbanyak kemaafan dan keampunan kepada saudara-saudara saya dari Indonesia sekiranya komen saya ini telah melukakan hati kalian sempena kedatangan bulan Ramadan Al-Mubarak ini. Mohon kemaafan juga andai bahasa yang saya gunakan ini banyak kesalahan ejaan dan gramatis kerana tulisan yang saya gunakan ini merupakan Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) yang formal. Salam Ramadan…

  8. haa skrg dah terbukti yg tarian pendet tu bukan malaysia yg claim dan rakam .. tapi rakaman di buat di singapore .. korang nak buat camne ? apsal tak marah singapore ? nkorang takut ?? tak berani .. bongok ~!!! ..
    ko takut ngan org yahudi ???
    asik2 korg nak kutuk malaysia .. bantai malaysia .. tapi kaum dan org indon ko bersepah sanggup naik kapal tongkang dtg malaysia .. carik rezeki kat sini .. negara ko nye ekonomi boleh bertahan sebab apa ? sbb ramainya org ko keje kat malaysia ..
    company aku keje pun ada golongan ekspretariat dari indon dari jakarta ..
    apa ko nak ckp .. sesama bangsa melayu ko berani .. dengan kaum yahudi singapore ko tak berani ~!!! ,..
    apahal ??
    ko ckp skrg pahal ??

  9. pasal tarian pendet tu ..
    kalau betul pun apa salahnya .. adat dan budaya kita sama .. cam org jawa .. makan makanan jawa gak . sama mcm jawa sana ..
    cam org minang .. org negeri sembilan .. sama je ngan org padang dan minangkabau kat indon tu ..adat dan budaya sama ..
    apa yg ko nak tegak dan pertahankan ni ??
    kat johor ade budaya tarian kuda kepang .. kat bali pun ada .. sama je ..
    bukan meniru budaya diorang .. tapi dah dari bangsa yg sama .. suku yg sama .. adat yg sama ..
    susur galur yg sama ..
    darah yg sama ..

    • Fadil, we can’t blame you to have disorientated views upon what you think as your very own culture.
      Your tourism minister even have an intention to lay claim to what you you call as Malaysia signature dishes like “Hainanese” chicken rice and “Bak Kut Teh”… That sounds hilarious :D

      Can’t blame you also to think that kuda kepang is from Bali, as even your tourism minister doesn’t seem to know where Hainan island is or maybe “Hainan” is part of Malaysia now… :D

      I’m just wondering why can’t you guys think something original, something that reflects the very heart and soul of your own culture, is it really hard to find ?????

      • And we also can’t blame the over-blown prejudical reporting by our mass media. Are Malaysia copying their culture from Indonesia or are they brought by Indonesian who migrates to Malaysia? A history elaboration might explain why our culture can be so close. And don’t forget, even our culture are brought from India.

  10. Surprised someone would respond to this thread =o
    But after reading this article, I would say Souza is pretty much right, Preserving cultures is the best thing to happen especially by Malaysia.
    I do not know if the plans to expand Malaysia’s tourism power (from what I remember or hearing… That they were building something that somehow resembles Las Vegas in North America…)
    It gives a chance to spread culture… Goodness I am pretty much saying the same thing as Souza >_<;
    I do agree that all cultures should be allowed to be shared to keep them alive. If those cultures go extinct, its pretty much a bland future were going to see…
    Nice thread though, it gives me more insights on how to look for better ways in life…
    Shamefully (or should I be shameful?) I am the complete opposite of what a normal student should be =x
    (hate parties, concerts, and girls in school tend to be mean) I would rather be somewhere quiet and learn new recipes for cooking ^_^;
    However, my brother brought me 10 boxes of cup of noodles… hes expecting me to 'live the college life'… so… Cup of noodles? o.o;

    Sorry ahead of time though, I know this thread is a couple years old and the thread probably wants to be forgotten. But theres just so much randomness here its awesome! =D

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