Visit Malaysia vs Visit Indonesia — Both Claiming From Other People’s Culture

So much controversy has been buzzing around with Malaysia claiming Indonesian heritage in their commercial ad for Visit Malaysia. This brings me the curiousity to actually see whether our own commercial ad walk the talk. Therefore I render up some youtube clip for you to compare:

Okay so here’s a review for the Visit Indonesia 2008 clip that I think is a hypocrisy with all that claiming of Malaysia stealing other people culture:

0:25 : The rubber boat wind surfing. Wind surfing is originally founded from western culture.

0:29 : Dad & Kid with surf board as background. I believe that’s also a western culture.

0:37 : DJ? Isn’t that from the United States?

0:39 : Jazz, saxophone, and guitar. I’m sorry but those aren’t musical instruments from Indonesia.

0:50 : Woman in white posing in a yoga fashion. Isn’t yoga from India? If I’m wrong, I’m sure it’s not from Indonesia either.

So, what do you have to say guys? Instead of blaming Malaysia that they are stealing our culture, aren’t we being hypocrite by depicting all those foreign culture in our commercial ads? It seems that the western isn’t saying that Indonesia is claiming their heritage just like we do.


15 responses to “Visit Malaysia vs Visit Indonesia — Both Claiming From Other People’s Culture

  1. Culture is as simple as you describe. I’m not an expert at all, but I know juxtaposing them like that is not correct.

    Pendet is part of the culture of Indonesia because it belongs to an ancient custom of Balinese people where they even regard it as a sacred dance.
    That’s is also why you won’t see Kimono girls in a tourism promotion of Korea or China, because Kimono is part of Japan :-D

    What you call rubber boat, wind surfing, dj, and so on are part of civilization (probably can be called as modern/ pop culture), and no ethnic group claims one of them as a custom afaik. That’s why the western don’t claim them.

    Yoga is like a way of life or philosophy, nowadays for some people it’s even like a religion, and you know what religion is ;) They (the religions) are there in the free zone waiting happily to be seized.

    Don’t forget that even Discovery Channel has admitted that it is a MISTAKE, thus as much as you hate to see some Indonesians’ reactions, I think you could start from yourself and show them how to behave mindfully and fair.

    • But, Korea promotional ad has barongsai and Chinese town in it. If you say that those western culture are part of civilization, then Malaysia could also say that all their content in their ad is part of civilisation too. They could say that “We have Indonesians performing Tari Pendet in our country”. So, no claiming there.

      I think I’m being fair here since I’m analoging the Visit Malaysia case to the Visit Indonesia case.

  2. thx for your perspective, Im an Indonesian, I really want to know how your perspective is.

    Yes, maybe we are not as smart as you malaysian, but I know that no one wants their wife to be claimed by another man, would you?

    You said that we are easily provocated. and said that it was “just small matters”

    But… just try to be Indonesian…
    You will know how they pain after get Tsunami, got terrorist predicate (even the truth that the real terrorist is come from your country), so many catastrophe, lead by sick government, war between tribe, and many things that you don’t know… (you will not out of news stock here)
    You live happier there in Malaysia… (I really envy you)

    But I think you wouldn’t want to know it, and will just call us “barbaric” (for that easily provocated)…

    just try live in a country with 17.000 island, over 800 tribe, and 200 language…

    and once you get used to it, you will LOVE it.. and ofcourse DEFEND that many culture…

    could you just easily say “okay take it, I still got many…” ???

    • First of all, who’s taking what here? If someone take my wife, then I could not get the privilege to see my wife. Is that the case here? No, as far as I know, we still have Tari Pendet performance in our country. Does the tourism affected here in Indonesia? No proof. Any testimonial from other country that Tari Pendet is a soul custody of Malaysia? None that I’ve known.

      Please give me somekind of statistic of affected tourism because of this so-called claiming culture of Indonesia. Now you said that the terrorist act was because of Malaysian guy and now you blame all Malaysians because of that? Why not you just blame all Moslems since he is connected with Jemaah Islamiyah. And his comerades were from Indonesia right? What do you have to say to that?

  3. i think its kinda stupid analogy , its weird to make analogy connecton between your wife and culture, culture is OUR and wife is YOURS.

    i think malaysian have to know that we are have the rich cultures, not only melayu but also, melanesia (papua), east Indonesian tradition, Javanese and many others.

    if i see indian dance, in second counts i will say it’s indian and it belongs to indian.but if malaysian watching balinese pendet dance,they will say” it belongs to us”

    we have different prespective about “belonging” and of course The Cultures it was.

    • And don’t forget, a lot of Indonesian culture was taken from Indian culture. The Mahabarata story is one amongst them and India never get angry about this. Culture is not an invention, it’s a product of a lifestyle.

    • All moslem???
      Most of Indonesian Moslem not following Jamaah Islamiyah. You are very wrong….
      Only few moslem following Jamaah Islamiyah.

      Jamaah Islamiyah afiliate with Wahabi/Salafi….from Saudi Arabia.

      But most of moslem in Indonesia arenot Wahabi/Salafi. But most of ahlusunnah waljama’ah, itiqod following Imam Asy’ary-Maturidi with “20 Sifat Wajib Allah.” And afiliate with Islam in Ta’rim- Hadramauth, Yemen…..

  4. what bothers my mind is this… why indonesian keep saying that malaysia claim their tari pendet dance , rendang , kunyit.. i think malaysia never claim all of that thing and i never heard anything about tari pendet before..
    no wonders indonesian people is easily provoked by this dumb issues, its because most of indonesian does not properly educated and their dignity is as cheap as $4.25 !!!
    geez!! you indonesian should realize that you are being used by your media to gain more profit by spreading false statement accusing malaysia steals indonesia music or culture… indonesian should start acting like smart people and stop acting like barbaric people go around the street sweeping malaysian with bamboo stick in fasting month(if they were fasting) by doing this your country wont get anything but giving bad image to your country as barbaric people… remember that problem should be solved by discussing not by war.. no wonders why indonesia is known in the world as slavery country…

    • Slavery country? wow that’s so mean, and so umm, dumb! Indonesia is G20 and upcoming BRIICS member,and umm, err where is malaysia at International forum? have no seat?

      kindly open the wikipedia if you dont know. Indonesian GDP is much bigger than Singapore+malaysia put together. your comment is full hatred and you just flattering yourself.

  5. cut ut crap, i remember none of indonesian government ever claim it officially rite?
    but malaysia does it,didn’t they?
    if i’m wrong please tell me.

    • Please give me an official statement from the malaysian government that they are claiming our culture. Not just some media bias.

  6. Indonesia is the center gravity of Malay culture, Tari Pendet HARDLY Malaysian, and Malaysia is only small part of Nusantara. face it dude, Indonesia is more diverse than malaysia

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