Ramadhan & The Obnoxious Tradition of Waking Up People for Sahur

sahur03:25 AM – I was woken up by the sound of a megaphone from the mosque nearby. “Bapak-bapak, Ibu-ibu. Sahur. Sahur” or which you can translate it into English, “Sir, Ma’am. Sahur. Sahur”. If you don’t know what Sahur is, let me give you an introduction. As you might know, we moslem has a special month called Ramadhan which occurred once a year in the moon calendar. During that time, we are obliged not to eat from dusk to dawn which ironically made most people consume more food than any other month in the year.

And sahur is the particular time where we fill our stomach for the preparation of the fast since we are not allowed to eat anymore when it is dusk. Now, the traditional custom in Indonesia is that every mosque will use its megaphone to wake up the surrounding for sahur. Sometime they went overboard by yelling and screaming for those who are heavy sleepheads.

I myself thank to these mosque since I got such a low grade at waking up 03:00 AM and if I don’t eat during the sahur period I might’ve collapsed in my workplace. However, during my mealtime at that hour, I remembered our non-moslem fellow friends. They do not require to fast and probably are fast asleep because of their tiring daily activities. In addition, among of them have to go to work in the morning.

What do they think of us, the moslem, during this period of Ramadhan? The curiosity went into my mind and in the morning I open up my chat window to message my Christian friend, Freddo. “Yeah, dude. They were driving me up to the walls. What obnoxious person would yell and scream with a megaphone 03:00 AM in the morning? I need my sleep and that huge noise just break my rest”, said Freddo.

Wow, I just realized how obnoxious and selfish we are by not realizing of our other friends’ feeling. Freddo continued, “I mean, Ramadhan can get a little overboard you know. Especially before the Idul Fitri, they will use that megaphone all nighters until the morning reciting those arabic words”.

That’s how you get people. Apparently we, moslems, are considered a nuisance during the Ramadhan. Aren’t we supposed to promote tolerence inter-faith in Indonesia? With an attitude like this, what do we have to say to our fellow non-moslems?


3 responses to “Ramadhan & The Obnoxious Tradition of Waking Up People for Sahur

  1. I get your point. However, I could say the same thing in a different version. Since this tradition would only last for a month and most of the people in Indonesia are moslems, I guess non-moslems could try to tolerate the moslems.

    As long as all the creatures are able to understand each other, there would be heaven on earth.

    • I was just trying to show that understanding each other is important for both sides, not just one side.

      Still, thank you very much for your understanding ^_^

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