Desktop Goodies: Akihime Sumomo & Shana Picture Frame

TIme for some anime crossover on the Rainmeter skin! I thought since you guys liked the Shana Rainmeter skin and Shana Calendar skin, I went for a tri-vecta in the Shakugan no Shana Rainmeter skin. However, I decided to add Akihime Sumomo from Nanatsuiro drop just to match the width of the frame. Hope you like it!

9-3-2009 11-58-44 AMSkin Name: Sumomo & Shana Picture Frame

File Size: 111 KB

Color Theme: Red


Settings: You need to configure sumomo_shana_LandscapeFrame.ini before getting the skin to display your pictures.First, change the “ImagePath” variable to the address/ directory which you want the skin to display your picture. Don’t forget to add a backslash (\) at the end of the directory (Example: C:\Pictures\).If you want the application to crawl the subfolders of the current directory, put the “Subfolders” variable value to “1″. Now, to set the length of time on changing between pictures, you need to set “Update” value (in terms of miliseconds).

Note: A Rainmeter application can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory. Happy downloading!


7 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Akihime Sumomo & Shana Picture Frame

  1. this is great, man.. nice combination..LOL..
    hey, can I request a C.C. rainmeter skin?? If you’re not too busy, that is..(^_^).. thanks..!!

  2. alright!! I’ll just email the pictures to you, then.. be sure to check you’re email..:). but I can’t send them right away, cuz the internet connection I have now is too damn slow..*chuckles*.. but tomorrow’s a different story,so you can check you’re email tomorrow night..’kay?

    PS: thanks for adding me on your facebook..:)

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