The Hot Mud Lapindo Case — How Indonesians Now Stood Mute To The Conclusion Of The Case

lapindo_porong_sidoarjo_lumpurI’ve visited Surabaya around August 2009 with my friends and we decided to go to Porong, Sidoarjo, to see the accident place which a huge amount of hot mud sprout out because of a company named Lapindo made mistake in drilling the earth.

When we visited the place, the hot mud has already engulfed 16 villages and emiting intense smell of acid. I couldn’t imagine what other people who were living nearby felt by this predicament. I was just standing there walking for about 10-15 minutes and my head was starting to get dizzy because of that acid. Imagine how the people have to face that everyday.

I began to wonder myself of how this started to happen and how the media was very intense in aspiring the citizens to resolve this case. But we the citizens seem not to care, don’t we? After 2 years of prolonging case, we still haven’t got the solution at least for the victims who can’t get their home back. No protest, no screaming at the government, where are we?

And yeah, you would say that “Hey Souza, where were you?”. Of course, I blame myself for standing mute to this case until 2 years. It’s because I can’t say that I feel the same way as them, because I haven’t watch it with my very own eyes. But after the people there told me and I felt the dizziness of just standing nearby it, I felt sorry for them and if my house was there, I would be furious as hell and demand a solution.

Come on, guys. We got to revamp this issue again until it’s done. For justice.


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