Pempek Claimed by Malaysia — How Indonesia Became Paranoia Of Losing Their Own Culture

pempekIt was that morning around 08:00 AM when I just got myself to my office, a colleague of mine came in into my room shouting “Prepare yourself as we can’t eat pempek anymore. It has been claimed by Malaysia”.

My reaction to this news was “Not this again”, and I search for the news on the internet. About 10-15 minutes I looked up for the news, all I got was the news about how the governor of South Sumatra will attempt to patent pempek until Songket cloth.

If you don’t know what pempek is, just look at the picture on the left. I can’t describe what it is made but the soup is very spicy (Not for those sensitive stomachs) and I guess the originallity of this gourmet is from Palembang, South Sumatra.

Anyway, Indonesia now is in the state of paranoia after what happened to Tari Pendet which is a quite ludacrious misundertanding. Now, we want to protect pempek so Malaysian won’t claim it as theirs. I begin to think, “Isn’t Teh Tarik from Malaysia? Isn’t Laksa from Singapore?”. I bet these gourmets are sold in Indonesian, cook by Indonesian, and the restaurant own by Indonesian. If not, at least the waiters and waitresses in the Thai Express are from Indonesia. Then, we got Hamburgers, Pizza, Rizoli, Tacos, Spaghetti, Risotto, and other gourmets that comes from distant nations.

If we say that Malaysia is going to claim pempek by selling them in their nation, then what about us who got many foreign restaurants open and own by our own people?


3 responses to “Pempek Claimed by Malaysia — How Indonesia Became Paranoia Of Losing Their Own Culture

  1. apa lagi yg mau diklaim?
    jangan nyampe gw aja yg diklaim sebagai warga negara dia! coz gw dah terlanjur cinta ma indonesia! hhe,,

    salam kenal yaa temandd.. :)

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