Desktop Goodies: C.C Rainmeter

Okay, I declare that the C.C Rainmeter skin series have been completed. Next, I’ll move the project to make Yin from Darker Than Black Rainmeter skin. I think I’ll just make one skin for this series since I only got one decent picture. Anyway, enjoy this C.C Rainmeter skin and I’m sorry I have to cut her bottom gown  since it is to wide to be fitted in the skin. Enjoy!

9-11-2009 11-05-01 AMSkin Name: C.C Rainmeter

File Size: 229 KB

Color Theme: Black & White


Note: A Rainmeter application can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory. Happy downloading!


8 responses to “Desktop Goodies: C.C Rainmeter

  1. good job; great choice of picture..!! thank u very much..!! (^_^)..

    there’s a little something, though.. when I tried it, the text in the callout balloon is a little bit over the lower-left edge.. so the text location isn’t centered in the callout.. do you know how to fix that?? Thanks..

  2. kyaa..,kawaii..^^
    good work..!!

    humm…,can I make a request too??

    I want a black rock shooter rainmeter
    you know hatsune miku another version

    if you too busy..,It’s okay..,^^

    and sorry Im late to introduce myself
    I’m Ai, I know you from my brother
    he like your rainmeter..,nice too meet you^^

  3. I’ve downloaded it, but it won’t go. I don’t have a Rainmeter skin directory so I’m not sure what to do

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