Malaysian Sweeping In Indonesia — A Proof Of How Insecure Indonesians Feels About Their Heritage

090908dsweepingThe protest of a what-so-called claim of Indonesian culture by the Malaysia has reached new heights. A group who called themselves nationalists by the name of Bendera (Banteng Demokrasi Rakyat) held a sweeping for illegal Malaysians who stayed in Indonesia. Street jam was unavoidable as these idiotic cretins stopped every car demanding for an ID check.

The results? None-whatsoever illegal Malaysians who got caught. I got to say, “Where were the police? This is a hate act and you guys let this shameful act being conducted?”. Don’t you know the potential of abuse if there is an actual illegal Malaysian who got caught there?

Also, I got to say, didn’t the case over already? Isn’t it already resolved by Malaysian government and Discovery network saying sorry that it was a misunderstanding? What do you want now? A revenge?

Fellas, think about what you will say first. Declaring war is the last thing we want to do and think about the 1.5 million Indonesians who are in Malaysia, probably trying to live by working there. For the stupid thing that we’ve done claiming that it is a way of nationalism, I got to say that this act is the most idiotic act I’ve ever seen. Being excessive and revenge oriented, this shows how insecure we are trying to hold our pride.

Why don’t we hold our pride by conducting more cultural performance instead of yelling and screaming? Isn’t that a more productive way in saying, “We are Indonesians and we are proud of our culture”?

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3 responses to “Malaysian Sweeping In Indonesia — A Proof Of How Insecure Indonesians Feels About Their Heritage

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  2. I’m from Malaysia and i do think that what happened is really ridiculous. As far as we know both of our countries have many similarity in both our culture and lifestyles. From what happened it has shown how easily most of our people are effected but some minor mistakes as such has happened. To me, i believed it was really stupid of how both country reacts to each other. It’s really a shame seeing how people act so uncivilized like and seems so childish. Some Malaysian are also trying to do the same as what BENDERA is doing right now. Both our country claimed to have reached high level of education level where people should act more civilized. This millennium doesn’t need anymore war and to have another one would be very devastating for both our countries. I know many Indonesians who came and worked here in Malaysia, from them i learn a lot about Indonesia. They doesn’t seem bothered at all about things that happened and to them it’s like a big joke. Since discovery network already apologized why bother about it anymore. Shouldn’t we be more concerned on how to strengthen our bonds and try to strive together for a better future for both our countries.

    Just my 2 cents.

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