District 9 — When Human & Aliens Exist Together, Rise The Conflict Similar To Apartheid

alienJust watched District 9 the other week and I was amazed by how clever this film is packed. If you haven’t watched this film, you are missing a very good documentary film. Why did I say documentary film? Well, it is exactly what the film is, a science-fiction documentary film about how 1.5 million aliens got stranded in South Africa.

If you think that this type of alien film is the kind where the aliens are hostile and wanted to invade Earth, it’s completely the opposite. The story goes when in some time, an unknown huge object suddenly descend to Earth, hovering above the surface. This object is something like a mothership that has been malfunctioned. Months have past and the object is just standing still.

A government organisation called MNU (I forgot what the abbreviation stands for) sent off to investigate the mothership. They drill over the mothership and found millions of aliens trapped in the ship. “They were malnourished”, said one of the witness interviewed by an unknown documentary program.

This situation resulted in a voluntary group to help the aliens from being dead. They round up the aliens in a place called “District 9” and they give them a home and food supplies. Months have past and the existence of these aliens seem to bother other humans. The aliens started to cause riot and they are a rather barbaric entities.

Then, the story goes to Wickus Van De Merwe, the main protagonis of this film who is assigned to resolve the problem between humans and Aliens (BTW, the aliens are called Prawns to personify that there is a racism going on in the story). Wickus is assigned to get consent from the aliens in district 9 that they will agree to be evicted to another place out of the city proximity. The twist of this film is when Wickus goes to the district 9 and confiscated an alien belonging. He tried to open it and got infected by alien disease, turning him into one of the aliens.

Wickus is now racing with time finding out how to cure himself before he completely turned into a prawn! In there, he found out how the aliens were living and h0w MNU has another ulterior motive in trying to help the aliens. The rest I will keep it a secret for you guys to watch. I’ll just say Wickus turns 180 degrees from zero to hero, leading him to a full action pack gun shot battle field against the MNU. I got to say, for a documentary film like that, it is just brilliant. Action and heroic story similar to apartheid just enough to make you say, “WOW!”.


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