Stoning To Death Law In Aceh Enacted– Indonesia Reverse Way On Going Back To Medieval Century

full-metal-panic-fumoffu-vol4-2It’s a sad day today as I read the newspaper and found out that Aceh, a province which located in the northern region of Sumatra Island has agreed on enacting a law which is possible to put a married person into stoning him to death if he is found out guilty of having affair with other partner. This law has add up on the series of ludicrous law enactment in Aceh such as the limb chopping law for theft (which is an irony since embezzlement and theft are considered different).

Anyway, this bill was discuss during the legislative meeting in Aceh which was attended by 8 different party representatives and they were all agree that this bill should be enacted except from the Democrat party.

Really, you guys? You’re going to enact such a barbaric and torturing punishment which is an inhuman way to do justice? The decision of such trecherous bill was agreed mostly by the Islam-oriented parties which to me is pretty much obvious. Aceh has been one of those region with a very fundamental Islam teaching and this bill might as well help Aceh’s become a more stable region. Some also speculate that the recent Tsunami in Aceh was because Aceh was so much far away from God that going back to the medival Islam time will provide the solution.

Me? I say it’s just a bunch of crap. Torture, in this case stoning people to death, is inhuman and that’s that. There’s no consideration to give the convicted a chance to reprimend his action. You just stone him to death with rock just like European medival punishment by chopping the convict’s head off or fry him in an electric chair just like in Texas. I say that humans has no right on determining the life of others nor acting like a God by putting a man into a death sentence.

This bill is just a shame to the society and needs to be abolished before it reaches to innocent people.

News Source:,20090914-197981,id.html


5 responses to “Stoning To Death Law In Aceh Enacted– Indonesia Reverse Way On Going Back To Medieval Century

  1. wow… >_>… i never thought that they would bring back stoning adulterers. Thats just epic HAHAHAHAHAHAH hilarious

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