Golkar Party Announcing Convicted Felons As Their Chairman

tommy_soeharto_aburizal_bakrieGuys, remember how I used to support Golkar since Jusuf Kalla was the chairman of Golkar party? Now, I’m announcing my betrayal to keep voting for this party.

Why? Well, for a lot of reasons. One is the fact that the stoning to death law in Aceh was not objected by this party. Only the Democrats though were rejecting this inhuman punishment idea.

Second, the race of Golkar chairmanship includes two humans which I despise, Tommy Soeharto and Aburizal Bakrie. These two people have stained Indonesia with their outlaw acts. What makes me mad is that the member of Golkar seems to keep silent about their intention to become the chairman of the Golkar party. Are they afraid since they have power and money? Who knows.

Let me start with Tommy Soeharto. Just from his last name, I’ve already had my hate over the second president of Indonesia which one of his outlaw acts is to shut down free speech in this country. His dictatorship in reigning Indonesia has made Indonesia suffered from tons of debt which the later generations have to take responsibilities. His son? Not as much difference. Tommy Soeharto is a convicted felon who is involved in the murder case of a supreme justice, Syafiuddin Kartasasmita and the 96 billion rupiahs embezzlement case of PT. Goro Batara Sakti. It’s unbelieveable how this douchebag is still wanting to be the chairman of Golkar party with so much outlaw cases upon him.

Second, Aburizal Bakrie, who is noted for his involvement in the Lapindo hot mud flood case which has destroyed and drowned over 16 villages. It’s already been 3 years since the case but Lapindo can’t give the punitive damage to the victim of the mud flood. So let me get this straight, he’s willing to spend billions and trillions of rupiahs to campaign his party instead of relieving the burden of the mud flood victim and solving the case? I’m sorry but that attitude just pisses me off. I wish I could meet him and slap his face.

There you have it guys, I’m announcing that I will no longer support this party nor giving my vote to them. This party is just money-oriented with no dignity to hold responsibility for their actions.

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2 responses to “Golkar Party Announcing Convicted Felons As Their Chairman

  1. I’m with you buddy (though I never supported Golkar from the beginning :P).

    I am very shocked and disappointed with Golkar when I heard about this news also. I wonder if they intend to restore the “New Order” era again? (Especially with one of the candidates is the pure image of the “New Order” era).

    I think Golkar, and some other parties also, need to undergo major reformation. Otherwise, they will bring their destruction upon themselves.

  2. yep, whoever gets elected, this will be the downfall of Golkar… money politics will rule the party… and in the end nobody would trust them again..

    I was satisfied with the way Golkar party goes when the chairman was still Jusuf Kalla. Before him, it was Akbar Tanjung, who was also a convicted fellon of the Buloggate case, that sat as the chairman. And now we’re back at this again: one of the biggest national party is RULED BY A CRIMINAL..

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