MUI Protest Over Maria Ozawa’s Film Deal in Indonesia — A Prejudical & Hypocrite Perception of a Religious Frontier

miyabi_maria_ozawa_ice_cream1The battle of religion zealousy keeps on firing in this Nation. After the stoning to death law in Aceh, now it’s the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, or a.k.a Indonesian Moslem Guru Frontier, launching the protest of a film deal “Menculik Miyabi” that involves a popular Japanese pornstar, Maria Ozawa.

As much as I hate Raditya Dhika’s artwork which involves his pretentious daily life turned into big bang media attention, this protest is without doubt a prejudical embargo on free speech and without basis.

My question is, what are they protesting? The film? I thought this is a comedy film with the least of sex attribution in it. And if it does involves dirty jokes, our local films have many titles that have already been broadcasted (e.g. Paku Kuntilanak, Mas Suka Masukin Aja, Sumpah Ini Pocong, and the list keep going on). I don’t ever heard that these films got banned. Protesting the upcoming broadcast of this new film will be a hypocritical attempt by the religious frontier.

So, the film has no sex scene in it, what about the star? Maria Ozawa is a pornstar who does dozens or hundreds of porn film. Should her title of Miss Pornstar be a generalization image of moral corruption? To give you a comparison of whether porn film is affecting the moral of one nation, let’s compare Japan and Indonesia.

Japan has tons of pornstars and millions of porn films. How’s they’re corruption perspective index? They ranked 17th in the 2007 political transparenciness while Indonesia is below 200th according to the Europe corruption watch institution. How’s the crime rate? Way below U.S and Britain with 1.3 robberies per 100,000 population, compared with 48.6 for West Germany, 65.8 for Great Britain, and 233.0 for the United States; and it experienced 1.1 murder per 100,000 population, compared with 3.9 for West Germany, 1.03 for England and Wales, and 8.7 for the United States in 2005 according to The rape case? Reduces drastically from 33% in 1972 to 18% in 1995 despite the steep increase in porn availability every year according to

So, what more delusional basis does MUI want to protest regarding this film deal involving the popular top pornstar? You tell me.

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25 responses to “MUI Protest Over Maria Ozawa’s Film Deal in Indonesia — A Prejudical & Hypocrite Perception of a Religious Frontier

  1. I recently attended a movie here in USA with friends from China and Korea. It was a cheap American movie and very vulgar. My friends were shocked and said it would have been censored in their countries. I was surprised because I think of moral standards as being connected to religion and China is communist atheist, Korea Buddhist.

    If the struggle for a healthy society can get beyond religion it will make more sense to everyone. I can understand your resentment against Muslim control in Indonesia. I hope they never get a strong hold here in America! But neither can I endorse porn. It makes objects of people and distorts love that we all need.

    The statistics you quote on Japan can be a little misleading. Japan is a great country in many ways but they have their own problems too. Example they have a statistic for low divorce but not included in the statistic is the amount of extra-marital affairs, mistresses.

  2. Well, for all I know if government begin to try banning provocative media according to certain group opinion, it would lead to discrimination and free speech infringement.

    However, I also against the right to bear arm and saying that I’m a liberal is a little bit hypocrite. So, it’s a dilemma I think.

  3. Mencegah lebih baik daripada mengobati.. thats all. I know its too late for MUI for “mengobati” regardless..

    If this Maria Ozawa’s INdonesian movie debut is going to be really released in theatre. I hope I wont hear a sequel of the movie called ”menculik lexi belle” or some sort.

  4. Syariah is the basis of MUI (and should all moslem) to reject miyabi.
    Everything contrary with syariah must be banned. That’s all folks.

    It very clear between haq & bathil. You choose one.

  5. In ushul fiqh. Everything bridging to haram is considered haram.
    Please back to masjid and start learning Islam from the begining. May Allah guides you to straight path.

    • So I guess internet is haram since it can be a bridge to pornography. A woman is haram since it can be a bridge to prostitution and rape. Islam is haram since it can be a bridge for killing mass and millions of people. Seriously man, I think you’re the one with the delusion without basis here. I thought that the activity of pornography is haram not the person. Are you saying that people who work as a pornstar is consider haram? What about the non-believers? What about the people who eat pork and alcohol? Are you gonna kick them out too?

  6. “Last thing, no religion talk or missionary talk in this blog. I think talking about religion just bring hate debate and a waste of time, since no one has an eligible proof to be debated.”

    Isn’t this kind of talks just lead to people debate and no conclusive winner?

    Just saying….-_-

  7. I disagree. This debate is necessary since it tramples the very basis of free speech. I would have no objection if they only protest about their detest of Maria Ozawa. But to the point that they will threaten us with anarchy if Maria Ozawa does come to Indonesia is just the very basis of dictator-ism. Shouldn’t we do a vote instead of cope in fear of some minor zealous group?
    And besides, this is no religion talk, man. I’m not talking about any verse from the Koran or anything that is principle to that religion. I’m just questioning the bias view of a pornstar coming to Indonesia to shoot a crappy film with no sex scene on it has to do with moral degradation.
    So, no religion talk whatsoever…….

  8. Okay. Just that the way rramdhoni is going on with his argument seems to misled me that its going to go down to religious debate….

    If it’s not, yes, the debate is very necessary.

    There’s always some over-zealot religious peps who despises anything that has to do with “porn”…If only they choose an actor that has no “so-called dirty background”, this issue probably might never cropped up in the first place…but then again….

  9. You know what the irony is? A few months after this hoopla, the same director hired a different pornstar from Japan, Rin Sakuragi, and he managed to get his film broadcasted in the cinema. I laugh out loud to the irony.

  10. What i mean by “But then again…”, ^^

    Haha….and yeah, irony at its best….people always finding issues about something when it happened before somewhere and etc….

    Guess, they should do their case study more thoroughly. ….haha….like wondering how did they Rin Sakuragi issue off the hook, must have slipped past their radar lol…

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