Earthquake Cause By Insolent Faith to God — How a Friday Sermon Became a Laughing Stock

god-s-computerIt was on yesterday Friday, when I attended the weekly Good Friday pray and I have to listen to a sermon before the prayer part begin. The preacher was talking about the Earthquake that happened recently in Indonesia such as the 7.6 Richter scale earthquake that happened in Padang.

“All the disaster that strucked Indonesia was because of our unfaithfulness to God. Therefore, God came by giving us a warning such as this to reprimend our action and renew our faith to God”, said the preacher. Hearing this startle me from my weekly doze off from hearing the Good Friday sermon. All of this disaster was caused by our unfaithfulness? But what about the faithful ones who got buried in the Earthquake? Must they suffered the same tragedy as those who aren’t faithful? Not to mention there are innocent children and babies who got killed during the disaster. Is this God’s way of justice?

The sermon then answer, “To those who are faithful who died in the disaster, that is just a consequence of the tragedy. Nevertheless, they will go to the Paradise and live happily there forever”.

Well, now that’s just sad. Giving a reason that the recent disaster which struck Indonesia was caused by the unfaithful people to their God is just an incoherent talk with no proof. How about Swiss, Germany, and other European nation? They consists of majorly non-muslim and so far God is giving them the time of their life with no disaster. Is God too busy bullying our nation and killing innocent children and babies instead of giving His divine message to beer drinking, weed smoking, and prostitute loving people out there?

It seems that God has trouble shooting up His magic to save innocent children from the rubble. Is that more an effective way to send a message that He existed? Anyway, I was laughing inside my head with all that sermon he gave us yesterday. And on the evening, Ujung Kulon got strucked by earthquake and all the people in the office building ran out to save their live. I guess God was angry at me since I laugh at him during the sermon.


3 responses to “Earthquake Cause By Insolent Faith to God — How a Friday Sermon Became a Laughing Stock

  1. I definitely agree with you on that. Religion is a concept of man that is completely biased, claming that all must suffer the wrath of an almighty being, leaving complete disregard to what each individual has done with their lives. All religions basically say is that you either follow whichever holy book resides to that religion, or you will face eternal damnation. after being a catholic for years, i renounced my faith in all forms of religion, and now i am a spiritualist. I learned one great piece of knowledge by doing that: a person is generally intellegent and calm of mind. People, on the other hand, are panicky and moronically gullible.

  2. Salam…

    As for your information, I really2 love anime like U, lolz, ^^ and yeh, I also an Islam..

    After being downloading in your page (especially rainmeter and wallpaper ‘touhou and vocaloid’) I found this and read…

    As i tough for the first time that U want to tell a good story about Islam, so I read it, but then is other way around…

    Kind of shock cos ya, Im proud to be Islam and I found islam is the religion that no doubt about the true of it…

    As many people enter Islam because they study religion for a long time, and many people leave Islam because they does not know what is religion about … U see what the diffrence?

    Even the bishop come to islam because he see that islam is the one who can bring piece in the world.. As he mention in Salahudin Al-Ayubi the one who claim back Jerusalem, the holy land, did not ever touch or kill the Christianity after the war…

    Now is the end of the world, Nabi Muhammad Told as to beware of the age of the greater lies. Every information that we get we must research first, cos Illuminaty and Freemasonary already make their plan to change muslim mind set for away from religion stuff…

    That all, sory and thax…

    I just dont want other see Islam is bad…

  3. Nah, I’m not saying that Islam is bad, man. If you read my post, I was snickering at the preacher since his sermon is an incoherent talk that defies the essence of your religion.

    Now, your prophet said to beware of an age of the greater lies and do research first. But it seems yourself do know little about Illuminaty and Freemasonry. Their changing muslim mind set? Now where did that research come from?

    And to say people enter Islam because they study religion, while people leave Islam because they don’t know what religion is about? Do you understand what you’re talking about? Where’s your proof? Where’s the research?

    You say that the taking of the holy land, Jerusalem, is without blood. But, I see that Islam can’t avoid bloodshed in conquering half the world. The Invasion of Persia, The Invasion of Damascus, The second invasion of Africa, The invasion of Cyprus and The Kurds, all of this are the dark history of Islam spread through bloodshed.

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