Musa & Al-Khidir Story — How A Man Plays As God Get Away From His Crime

moses-demotivational-poster-1221330337This is a story that I heard from my childhood when I still in my elementary school. I attended a quite religious school that time and everytime the Islam history session was on, they told a story about the prophets in Islam.

As you might know, Islam has 25 prophets to be remembered from Adam to Mohammed. Amongst them, Mohammed is the last prophet that nurture the Islam foundation since they believe all the teachings before him has already corrupted. Anyway, I’m getting a little zealous here so back to the topic.

The story that I want to tell you is the story about Musa or Moses in biblical term. There is this story about the meeting about Musa and another God messenger’s Al Khidir who one of his gifts is he is poured by unlimited knowledge by God.

Musa was interested in Al Khidir and he wanted to learn everything from him. When Musa met Al Khidir and told him his intention to Al Khidir, Al Khidir said “You won’t have the patience to follow me”. However, Musa keep insisting on following Al Khidir and so Al Khidir gave Musa a condition “As long as you keep silent and don’t question my actions, you can follow me. I’ll give you three chances”.

And so there goes two men on a journey to understand life. At the first village, they wanted to cross the river and they met with a fisherman and the fisherman offer a free ride to the other side. After they arrived at the other side, the fisherman went to somewehere else and after he is out of sight, Khidir pierced the boat and make a hole. Musa was shocked and cry, “Why did you make a hole in the boat?”. It was strike one and Musa had two more chance before he is expelled.

At the second stop, they met a kid and out of the blue, Khidir kill him out cold. Seeing such a horrendous event, Musa being a snobby pupil said “Why did you kill an innocent child?”. Strike two and one more till Musa got expelled. At the last stop, they encountered a house which is near collapse and suddenly Khidir fix the house. Musa decided to help him and started a chat “You know, we could get some gold for our reward fixing the house”. That’s strike three and Khidir had had it with Musa insolent behavious. He expelled him and Musa replied “Okay, I understand. But please explain me why did you do those things”.

So, Khidir explain that the reason for him to pierce the boat is to prevent a tyrannt from the other side taking the boat and rendering the village incapable to fish. Then, the reason of him killing the boy is because when the boy become an adult, he will betray his parent and become a tyrannt who will suffer many people. The third reason of why he fixed the house was there was a treasure belonging to an orphant under the house. If the villagers knew, they will take it and the orphan will let alone starving to death.

So, that is the story of Musa and Al Khidir. When I heard this story, my teacher told me that the lesson of this story is sometime you can’t comprehend a knowledge you haven’t learnt. You have to listen and obey what the people with greater knowledge told you just like what Koran said to its follower. No question or doubt whatsoever.

First of all? No question? What is this? If you want a person to learn, you have to answer his question and doubt with a reasonable explanation. Not telling them what the reason of such action will cause misinterpretation just like what the story tells us. Second, killing a child just because he will be a tyrannt someday and make people suffer? Is that a little contradiction? I thought God was letting His child to make choices in life and suddenly a guy name Khidir can unanimously judge that the kid will be a murderous tyrannt. If anything, Khidir was playing God by determining how long a human can live. Murder is a crime, especially with this particular reason.

Furthermore, is murdering the boy a solution to the problem? There’s two God’s messengger travelling and they can’t share their wisdom on the kid so the kid will become a better man someday? Frankly, those two are doing a lazy ass job by deciding that it is easier just to kill instead of giving advice. Perhaps it’s that ‘No Question’ attitude that made Khidir such an arrogant bastard.



14 responses to “Musa & Al-Khidir Story — How A Man Plays As God Get Away From His Crime

  1. No, comment.
    I will remain silent, cos I only have 1 chance left so that khidir-boy will not expelled me.

  2. We simply only have a little knowledge.
    Khidir only do what God told him.
    You can read more comprehensively from al-Kahf 65-82.
    “…..dan bukanlah aku melakukannya itu menurut kemauanku sendiri. Demikian itu adalah tujuan perbuatan-perbuatan yang kamu tidak dapat sabar terhadapnya” (Al Kahf:82)

    At the very first time, I also think that it’s a cruel story, but after read and think, I got the deep mean of it.
    Human can’t be patient about what he don’t know about.
    We just see from our very perception.
    When I didn’t accept in the university that I dreamed for so long, maybe God isn’t on my side. But actually there is a hidden meaning behind it. A lot more convenient thing.
    And Moses a.s in the beginning is a little arrogant by saying that he is the most knowledgeable. And Allah admonish him.

    Menurut Ibnu Abbas, Ubay bin Ka’ab menceritakan bahawa beliau mendengar nabi Muhammad bersabda: “Sesungguhnya pada suatu hari, Musa berdiri di khalayak Bani Israil lalu beliau ditanya, “Siapakah orang yang paling berilmu?” Jawab Nabi Musa, “Aku” Lalu Allah menegur Nabi Musa dengan firman-Nya, “Sesungguhnya di sisi-Ku ada seorang hamba yang berada di pertemuan dua lautan dan dia lebih berilmu daripada kamu.”

    Lantas Musa pun bertanya, “Wahai Tuhanku, dimanakah aku dapat menemuinya?” Allah pun berfirman, “Bawalah bersama-sama kamu seekor ikan di dalam sangkar dan sekiranya ikan tersebut hilang, di situlah kamu akan bertemu dengan hamba-Ku itu.” Sesungguhnya teguran Allah itu mencetuskan keinginan yang kuat dalam diri Nabi Musa untuk menemui hamba yang shalih itu. Di samping itu, Nabi Musa juga ingin sekali mempelajari ilmu dari Hamba Allah tersebut.

    Maybe, it’s not wise for judging something that we don’t have the knowledge.

    Btw, are you Indonesian? Your English just like it is the firs language. ^^

  3. Still, sacrificing an innocent child’s life just to feed in Moses’ challenge is nothing but cruel. I don’t care if in the end that child is going to be an evil kid, but killing him instead of educating him is just an ignorant move.

    I agree that it is not wise to judge something that we don’t know about, that’s why we ask questions, to educate ourselves. Staying silent and doing nothing doesn’t solve anything.

    And yes, I’m an Indonesian.

  4. in islam children go straight to heaven so when al kidr killed the kid instead of letting him grow older and be a tyrant he went to heaven. Al kidr and Musa(as) cannot fix the condition that was ordained for this childs heart no matter what they say, i mean why do you think messengers were sent in the first place?? because people become rebellious and most of them dont listen to the messengers of god. As for al khidr playing god? i think he done what god told him to do as no god fearing person would “play god” as for the questions not being answered that was a condition agreed upon and in the end if it was not for that agreement there would be no wisdom to this story. This story deals with the subject of wisdom and frankly that was not in your conclusion as it seems you were just trying to satirise the whole concept,

  5. If you are a messenger, it is your task to lead humans to the right path. Isn’t that what messenger does instead of killing somebody who hasn’t done anything? So let me be clear, your religion is okay with killing a child because he will go to heaven anyway instead of educating him to be a better man in the world and spread his wisdom to other people? Or is it because it’s a messenger that you can do whatever you want since it’s “God” Wisdom?

    And God has already said that human has the right to choose his own path, and yet God has made an ultimatum that this kid will be a tyrannt, no matter what methods they have to warn this kid? It’s either you have a lousy messenger or you have an ignorant God. You pick…

  6. you read too much, keep on blaming some one you have no knowledge of…..
    must learn through a ‘guru’, then you know the true education from the story….
    reading makes you learn through the devil….or you are the devil…..
    forgive me….awareness is the highest knowledge….stop presuming and assuming.
    .. obtain the truth before judging….
    having no knowledge with awareness, is better than having much but no awareness…
    stop blaming

  7. Wow, the sheer of impudence of this comment is staggering. Reading makes you learn through the devil? By the way, your prophet was commanded to read by one of God’s messenger, Gabriel. I guess you haven’t read Al Iqra’? And if reading makes you a devil then how does a “guru” learn things? Are you trying to say everyone that reads the Qur’an or Hadist to be the devil? So you are accusing more than 75% of world population to be the incarnation of devil since they are literate and can read?
    Oh and one more thing, how do one achieve awareness if he doesn’t have a knowledge about it? If you don’t have the knowledge of global warming how do you aware of such thing? Your premise of saying better have no knowledge with awareness is non-logical.
    If you have a different interpretation of the things I have wrote here, let’s have a debate instead of writing non-sense.

    • Then you want to complaint to God for creating the earth/heaven/universe and paradise/hell. Neither He created ‘only Paradise’ for us. Indeed, it’s a good reason, for you, but not for God.
      Mankind with only a such little knowledge before God usually arrogant.
      But God, Trully the only most Knower.
      Try to search : “qur’an nineteen” or ” qur’an fibbonaci universe sequence” that you, me,us could never be able to think and even assume it before. But, indeed, it is true fact before us.

    • Which religion is this? I’m sure in qur’an, God also creates hell. And human is arrogant? Isn’t the concept of God creating paradise only for humans makes you arrogant? Why humans have to be special than other species? And finally, what are you talking about anyway? You are out of topic of what is actually discussed.

  8. Time spent for reading this article specially the conclusion as if I just entered into the hell and left it after I finished it! Thank God that I learned to be guided in stead of being driven and to respect His words.

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