Stupid Comment: Ministry Auditioning in Cikeas is a Proof of Feudal Democracy Practice

presiden-sbyThere I was watching the news in Metro TV in the morning before I went to my office. I saw the editorial broadcast and it was discussing the ministry audition in Cikeas held by the upcoming President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The editorial elaborated that this audition became a part of the reality show which offers drama to lure mass media attention. The invitation was so personal that this audition is the portal of feudalism scheme of the president.

They are worried that the president will choose the ministry according to his favor instead of the qualification of the person itself. Furthermore, the mass media attention makes the candidate seems very thirsty for a position in the ministry.

First of all, this is just a delsuional rambling with no proof whatsoever. Bringing back feudalism? Isn’t that why the mass media is there? To report to the citizen of how the ministry selection process is taking place. If anything, this event is an attempt of bringing transparency into the democracy process. With mass media attention peering to this process, a personal favorization has a little chance of happening since over 200 million Indonesian people are watching him. I guess the guy in the narration prefers a secret audition where secret dirty arrangement won’t be known.

I guess this is only a pathetic attempt by a certain person to tackle down the President. This is just a stupid prejudice bias which has no proof whatsoever.

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2 responses to “Stupid Comment: Ministry Auditioning in Cikeas is a Proof of Feudal Democracy Practice

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