Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Dance Animated Rainmeter 2

It’s a slow day today and guess what I’ve found in my payment check? I got a raise. Yeaaaay. What a happy day I’m in and by the way, do all companies do this for their one month working employee? Or is it just a clearance error? Anyway, I’ve made another Hatsune Miku animated rainmeter skin with her dancing side to side. Enjoy.

Hatsune-Miku-dancingSkin Name: Hatsune Miku Dance Animated 2

File Size: 580 KB

Color Theme: Green?


Note: This skin has 2 hatsune miku picture, the big one and the small one. The default skin is the small one which is the hatsune-miku-dancing2.png. If you want to change into the bigger picture, open the hatsune_miku_dance_animated2.ini and change the value of BitmapImage to hatsune-miku-dancing.png. A Rainmeter application can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory. Happy downloading!


5 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Dance Animated Rainmeter 2

  1. Congratulations for the raise :)

    I cannot extract the file properly again even how many times I downloaded it. Can you please re-upload it again?

    Thanks again for the rainmeter skin.

  2. just save the gif separatly and paste it into the rainmeter skin folder. refresh and load the skin. works like a charm

  3. Yes, it’s like what spooky have said. I think the problem is in the gif picture which is corrupted. I’ll try to re-upload the picture. It’s because of my office upload low reliability issue. I’ll fix it right away.

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