MUI Banned 2012 — A Threat to The Freedom of Speech by A Narrow-Minded Delusional Organization

Just got back from watching “2012” at the cinema and I was shocked to find out that there is a case in Malang, Indonesia, by an Islamic organization (MUI) who banned the broadcasting of “2012” since it can cause a misleading interpretation.

The argument they bring to the debate is that only God who can predict the end of the world, not humans. This can cause a huge mass confusion and can affect the faith of the muslims.

What end of the world? As far as I know this film is about depicting a prophecy from a tribe in America and made it into film. For your information, that’s not a man made prediction. The Mayan believe that their God, Quetzalcoatl, will bring doom to earth on that very day. And furthermore, that film is not about the end of the world and have nothing to do with religion whatsoever. The humans can still survived which is a very opposite definition of a doomsday. It is a very science fiction movie without touching anything on the religion side.

And to banned 2012 just because it depicts a very end of world scenario? What about “Knowing”, “Doomsday”, “Day After Tommorrow”, and all other apocalyptic film? Isn’t that the same film that depicts the very end of the world? What more basis are they trying to impose on us, huh?

And I’m very shock to find out that MUI in different regions has the right to declare haram/ forbidden in the region that they govern. What are they? Are they thinking they are living in their own world and trying to force Islam to everybody? Where’s the tolerancy with other religions? I gotta say that I’m very threaten by this over-zealous organization who wants to impose their teaching to us. And I’m very worried that if they are not protested by any of us, they will think that is okay to shut down our speech as long as it inclines to their goal.

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6 responses to “MUI Banned 2012 — A Threat to The Freedom of Speech by A Narrow-Minded Delusional Organization

  1. Banning this movie sounds like paranoid fanaticism, or like the people banning it can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality.

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