World AIDS Day Boycotted in Bandung — A Pathetic Attempt to Impose Islamic View Under One Nation

Just got back from the department store to buy some groceries and some girls were handing out red ribbon with a small flyer “Respect yourself. Stay out of AIDS”. Wow, I forgot that World AIDS day is here and I immediately attached the ribbon on my jacket to respect the day.

When I went home and turn on the news channel on SCTV, a private TV broadcasting channel, I saw a report about the celebration of World AIDS day. In one of those report, there was a report of AIDS oration in Bandung where an Islamic force from a certain university was boycotting the World AIDS day.

They were claiming that by commemorating this day, it may end up in a permissible stigma to have free sex as long as you have a condom. They then offer the solution of an Islamic law to prevent AIDS from spreading (I’m guessing they’re offering some kind of abstinence solution to counter-spreading AIDS).

I got to say “Bravo” again for this idiocy act yet again brought by the majority religion worshippers in this nation. Banning World AIDS Day by saying that commemorating this event will lead to the rise of free sex rate which will cause AIDS to spread more? And they say it so bluntly without any hesitation or provide any clinical proof?

Well, let me tell you something, Sir. These voluntary workers of World AIDS day work their asses off to educate others about being respectful to themselves. They teaches how narcotics can be dangerous as a means of AIDS spread medium and more importantly unsecured sex to the extend of changing partners. If anything, this World AIDS day volunteer or seminar is trying to educate you to become a responsible man or woman, by promoting one partner relationship.

Also, condom is a solution to a loving partnership which one or both of them are infected with AIDS. And you are trying to ban this? The nerve of them saying that World AIDS day is a bad influence to the community. I had it with their over-zealous preach about the greatness of Islam law to be impose in Indonesia. I guess their law of polygamy and premature marry is a solution to the AIDS spread in this world (Give me a break).

Please man, we’re not leaving in a one sole religion country. We have other religion as well and isn’t it in our constitution to tolerate other religions as well?

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One response to “World AIDS Day Boycotted in Bandung — A Pathetic Attempt to Impose Islamic View Under One Nation

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