Random Cute Girl Wallpaper Pack

This is actually begin with KatanAnime request for a non-specific anime wallpaper pack of cute girls. I then think it is quite a good idea since I have so many wallpapers from hentai series (Of course the clean ones are the ones I’m showing here). Therefore, here is my selection of girl anime wallpaper pack and it’s quite subjective to my personal taste. I hope it fits with your taste as well and enjoy downloading the wallpapers. Cheers.

Zipped file download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ilminnhzyy4


12 responses to “Random Cute Girl Wallpaper Pack

  1. omg Saizou you’re THE BEST!!!
    Lol thank you very much for a wallpaper pack(and its random,cute too).So Anyways Thank you and awaiting for another one keep up the good work!!

  2. Sir ive recently discovered this site, and i am a fool to miss this one, thank you for this website ^,..^

    its like you’re opening a new world to me desu~
    in the world of rainmeter that is haha!

  3. Lol Sorry Souza i realised that i wrote it wrong after i posted it because i watched some anime (can’t remember the name atm but nvm)and it was Saizou so i wrote it.Sorry

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