Desktop Goodies: Jade Natalia Rainmeter

I have been watching Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince on DVD and I’m bored as hell. Therefore, I decided to author a new Rainmeter skin. This is Jade Natalia from Tales Of Abyss (Or at least that was what engraved on the picture). Anyway, it’s time to go back watching. I’m on the 50th minutes.

Skin Name: Jade Natalia Rainmeter

File Size: 172 KB

Color Theme: Orange


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


5 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Jade Natalia Rainmeter

  1. Heyya there,

    I love all of your rainmeter posts, keeps me constantly changing the skin. Just wanted to say that it’s just Natalia on there. Jade’s actually a guy. =P It is, however, from Tales of the Abyss so that part is fine. Quite the eye catcher that pic is. =]

    Once again thanks for all the new skins. x]

  2. NATALIA…. this is nice. o_o but I wish there was one for Jade (he is cool) ..and also for Guy.

    • Uh, yes it is? Look at the outfit, it’s just ripped. The art comes from a doujin artist well known for her extremely graphic Jade/Natalia doujin, hence the file name.

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