Random Cute Girl Wallpaper Pack 2

Alright, the wallpaper pack is back and I’m going to fulfill KatanAnime request for another cute girl wallpaper pack (Well, at least they are what I think to be cute girls). I also haven’t done “Beat of The Day” thing and there is this song which got stuck in my head. I seem can’t get it out from my head as I continue to repeat the song over and over again. Anyway, here’s the wallpaper pack and enjoy them.

Zipped file download: https://files.secureserver.net/0sM5FdwXKWmgm0


8 responses to “Random Cute Girl Wallpaper Pack 2

  1. Thanks For the wallpaper pack!(LOL is it just me or some of their eyes looks like beaten or bleeding :D , but nvm :) )

  2. Is there a link to a ZIP? or do you download it one at a time ^^;

    If that is the case, I could offer a mirror for a zip if you like.

  3. I think you should get a YURI wallpaper pack , my friends would enjoy that —-o^^ (AND a yaoi one for me)

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