Desktop Goodies: Flandre Scarlet Calendar

Alright Touhou fans, the Rainmeter skin series is back and now it’s Flandre Scarlet turn. It’s been a while since I got a good Touhou picture. So when I download this picture, my mind straight on to make another Rainmeter skin. I’ve just got back from the cinema though. I watched ZombieLand and it’s a two thumbs up (I think I might give you a little review on this awesome movie). Anyway, enjoy your Rainmeter skin and I’m off to bed now. Night!

Skin Name: Flandre Scarlet Calendar

File Size: 138 KB

Color Theme” Red


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


5 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Flandre Scarlet Calendar

  1. Ok, I tried installing this one, but when i try to launch the “English_calendar.ini” nothing happens :S
    Do you know why? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Just awesome! Great work with that skin of Flandre X3 thanks a lot, i’ll be checking your blog for more of those amazin’ skins.
    [One of the best blogs i’ve ever seen! (ºwº) ]

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