Touhou Wallpaper Pack 4

Yes, it’s time for another Touhou Wallpaper Pack frenzy again. I’ve collected a lot of picture over the past month and it’s time for me to share it with you guys. This time, Flandre Scarlet gets a lot of wallpapers since I think she has the most awesome wings (with crystals and stuff). Anyway, I hope you like my selections which I started to compos from the past two weeks. Enjoy.

Zipped file download – Credit to shadowzephyr


11 responses to “Touhou Wallpaper Pack 4

  1. Very nice wallpaper pack!!!
    Lol i really liked most of the wallpapers and got to say Good Job! and i can’t really find more words to say :D ,but put that aside this wallpaper pack was really good.

    • Just click on the image you want and it will open a full size version of it and then you can right click and save whichever ones you want.

  2. EFFING WIN!!! >=O

    I may never look on this internet page again so I hope my above words are more then enough to show how much I appreciate the wall papers :D

    win zip too xD thanks

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