Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 4

Time for another new Vocaloid Wallpaper pack since I’ve been collecting a bunch of Vocaloid wallpapers over the past few weeks. And since it is near the holiday season, I guess giving you some wallpaper packs will be a best of deal and present for you. And yes boys and girls, I’m talking about not one wallpaper pack but some wallpaper packs until the 23rd December before I depart to Semarang for the Christmas holiday. So, happy holiday guys and enjoy my wallpaper collections!

Zipped File Download – http://www.mediafire.com/?aj1o5qn80osreo8. Credit to Kesuki.


5 responses to “Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 4

  1. I take some picture to process.
    If the photos can’t be take,please tell me.thank for your help!

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