Coin For Justice — Money For Relieving Prita Case Reach Near 1 Billion Rupiah

It’s a little bit late but I guess I have to do this anyway. If you are new to the case of Prita Mulyasari vs Omni International Hospital which is a threat of freedom of speech in Indonesia, you can read the chronicles of the case in my other posts:

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Anyway, the latest case verdict is that Prita Mulyasari has to pay punitive damage with a mind-blowing sum of Rp 204 million or $20,400. We, the people, together form a group called “Koin Keadilan untuk Prita” or “Coin For Justice”, by collecting changes to help Prita pay her dues.

Until today, donation has flow to Prita’s pocket and the sum of donation reach near Rp 1 billion or $100,000, almost 5 times the punitive damage that she has to pay.

The people have spoken and they are screaming for the freedom of speech in this nation. The riddiculous UU ITE or Information & Electronic Exchange law needs to be revised since it is a threat to the nation’s democracy practice in freedom of speech. I say a job well done for the people who participated and value the freedom of speech in the nation as the utmost priority.

Of course, after the support from every element of society regarding Prita’s case, Omni International Hospital, still wanting to save their name, caved in and held a press conference stating that they will withdraw from prosecuting Prita Mulyasari further. However, the thing is that this so-called organization didn’t apologize for their action in prosecuting Prita Mulyasari for her complaint over the internet. It’s as if they forgot that they were the group who put Prita into a traumatic situation where she was in jail for several weeks and can’t get the opportunity to see her family.

I say, if Omni International Hospital is really sorry, they have to apologize to the public for their excessive action for this kind mother. Today is Mother’s Day right? What more action it will fitting to regain the people’s trust by admitting that you have screwed up one person life and take advantage by gaining money out of it?


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