Touhou Wallpaper Pack 5

Time for a yet another wallpaper pack since I promise you another one before I go off to Semarang for my Christmas holiday. And yep, it’s another Touhou Wallpaper Pack for you Touhou fans out there. I’ve just went back from the cinema watching Avatar and boy it was such a mind-blowing film. I think I will give a review on that later on. But this time, enjoy the wallpaper I have chosen specially for you. Cheers!

Zipped file download – Credit to shadowzephyr


11 responses to “Touhou Wallpaper Pack 5

  1. Hmm it wasn’t too bad ,but to me your first 3 were better than this one (to me atleast) ,but I still found a few wallpapers that i really liked so I’m not saying this is bad :) . Thank You as always :P

  2. So… I have to, on each and every one of these, right click, “Save link as”, and save it?

    LAAAME, this should clearly be available in a *.zip or *.rar file -.-

  3. Sorry ,Derek.I didn’t really have too much time to do them all yet , but I promise in next week or two all the wallpaper packs will have links!Sorry for inconvenience.

  4. That would be great, because they’re very nice wallpapers but I can’t save them. When I click on “save as”, the image is saved as a “firefox document” and I can’t see it :S I don’t know why.

  5. This is the link for zipped package, Touhou Wallpaper 5:

    Much easier for those who want to download all at once. :)
    (Oh I also provide URL to this site inside the package XD)

    In case the package is corrupted, you can repair it using WinRAR, as I already provide recovery record in this package.

    Cheers!! And thanks to the admin for the wallpapers!

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