Desktop Goodies: Onisaki Yukari Rainmeter

Alright, the streak keeps continuing and I’m on fire in making new Rainmeter skin design. It’s a bunch of boxes arranged in different way so it’s kind of repetitive. I hope you guys aren’t bored with my design though. Still, feedback and critics are very much appreciated here. Thanks and have a great long weekend.

Skin Name: Onisaki Yukari Rainmeter

File Size: 185 KB

Color Theme: Yellow


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmetersection. Happy downloading!


2 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Onisaki Yukari Rainmeter

  1. Since Critics are appreciated I’ll do it :D .(don’t hate me).
    I think its worse than your last design dunno why but the coloums*(dunno how to write this word) look weird if u want to look at those stats and the writing is kind of bad (atleast to me) it looks like from 1985 rpg game(atleast from the picture i’m looking at) maybe if i wouldn’t be bored some time i would give you my suggestions ,but i think that’ll suck too.Imo you should do a post kind of thing to ask for designs from people and that after 2weeks or so they would vote for the best one or two .Ok so that’s all i have to write here.(I based all of this on the picture i’m looking at and if it just looks bad to me here I’m Really Sorry )And that’s all my oppinion.No Offense! :D

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