December-February Anime Winter List 2009-2010

It’s time for another upcoming potential anime in winter season (And as always I’m late for this kind of thing). I’m a rather slow watcher when it comes to anime, but I always keep my ears on every debate over anime from my friends.

For this season, I’m going to keep an eye to Dance in The Vampire Bund. This particular anime is about a vampire girl named Mina Tepes who agrees to pay Japan’s national debt in condition that the vampires got an off-coast residence to dwell. I’m hoping that the story plot will be political as many people wants Tepes heads and extinguish the vampire clans.

I actually was captivated by Seikon no Quasar graphic since the main hero is cool with his red eye but what’s with the description there? “Manipulate iron and draw power from breast milk”? That doesn’t sound so cool, ain’t it?

Another one is Katanagatari, the same person who made Bakemonogatari. If you think Bakemonogatari is good watching anime, then Katanagatari is your next anime to watch. And it got a ninja theme in it, so it may be an interesting film to watch.

Durarara!! is next on the slot since the guy who made it also made “Baccano!!” I’m hoping that “Durarara!!” has a twister plot in it just like “Baccano!!”. For you, ecchi lovers, will love to get a hold on Akisora. But be warn though since this series is not your typical ecchi nor fanservice genre anime. It’s far more vulgar and near-hentai genre with the exception of genital visualization.

Chu-bra is another ecchi comedy with lots of loli-pleasure, but I feel skeptical watching the episodes since a girl who opens an underwear club is not my preferred story plot. Fate/Stay Night is going to be reproduce so maybe it will give us a graphic improvement, who knows. Maybe some information about this reproduction thingy?

Anyway, that’s my review and prediction of this winter season’s anime. Any additional information would be appreciated, though. Happy watching!


2 responses to “December-February Anime Winter List 2009-2010

  1. Im also watching Dance in the vampires bund.I read the manga and it also has some fanservice but it doesn’t focus on it much and its pretty good plot wise.

    Also if you lf you enjoyed the Higurashi series or umineko then I suggest Ookamikukushi as it was written by the same person.

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