Sherlock Holmes — A Consultant Detective Has Never Been This Badass

Amazed with the trailer I saw around September 2009, I was anticipating for this movie to show up in the cinema. I know it’s very late posting this review but I think I will just tell what I felt when I saw this movie, 3 times!

And I got to tell you that this movie is very very mind-blowing. A story of a famous detective from an ever-popular novel combine with hardcore action pack which made this film not boring to be watched. I know that Sherlock Holmes can boxed and fenced, but it has never been exploited in the novel. Even Watson got his alternate side to the extent he is 10 years younger, taller, and can really kick asses.

What’s make me interested in this movie is the fighting strategy analysis that Sherlock Holmes made everytime he engages foes. He always use his analysis skill as a detective to display what he will do next to neutralize the enemy. And this makes him a really badass fighter. The shame is that this fighting strategy analysis are only displayed 2 times during his encounter with the enemies. I would love if he used his analysis skill against Dragger, the French-speaking giant. You’ll get what I mean by Sherlock Holmes fighting strategy analysis by looking at this video.

Well, the rest of the story is quite intriguing. Every Sherlock Holmes move is always meaningful eventhough it looks stupid. Many chemical substance term is used in this story so you might want to educate yourself (Or you can just go along with the story since they will reveal it to you what the substance do).

The plot twist is just amazing to watch and it becomes mind-boggling when all the trick is revealed by Sherlock Holmes. Comedy is also exist in this story. The relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is interesting to see and I also laughed at Sherlock Holmes antique to keep John Watson away from his fiancee and keep Watson to himself.

In conclusion, this movie has it all. Case-solving mystery, action pack with lots of fighting, and theatrical comedy dialog that will keep the movie interesting to watch. I normally got bored when I watched a movie more than one time but believe me when I say “Even when I saw this movie for the third time, I still consider this movie to be interesting”.


3 responses to “Sherlock Holmes — A Consultant Detective Has Never Been This Badass

  1. Watched this too! Loved it! And yesh, that was one of my favourite scenes! ^.^ Glad I could watch it again and again…XD

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