Desktop Goodies: Black Rock Shooter Rainmeter

A request from Ai_chan which is a rather long request to fulfill. I’ve been searching for the right picture and had a kind of dilemma of what kind of Black Rock Shooter Rainmeter skin I should produce. Therefore, I think i will go for chibi Black Rock Shooter first since this picture is very fitting for my next design. Not a complicated design this skin is actually. It’s not the usual boxes and I just use font for mix & match. Anyway, enough said, this is the Rainmeter skin. Enjoy.

Skin Name: Black Rock Shooter Rainmeter

File Size: 210 KB

Color Theme: Black


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmetersection. Happy downloading!

47 Comments Add yours

  1. Lilium says:

    Waw :D This is awesome, i’ll be using this :)

  2. spooky says:

    i love it :D

  3. Just_Other_Geek says:

    Domo arigatou !!!!


  4. Thanks guys. I guess less is more huh?

  5. Farce13 says:

    This is awesome. Definitely a must have.

  6. Love Cats says:

    Woah, probably my new favorite! :3

  7. Akirayjin says:

    Cool!!! Keep the good work…

  8. seta says:

    NICE ONE!! :D

  9. craggy says:

    New skin type- looks absolutely awesome :D

  10. Duyyster says:

    holy **** this one is amazing. im definitely using it. i love the colors and just the layout of the whole thing. sweet. thanks alot man

  11. Ai_chan^^ says:

    oh,my..!! I’m glad you remembered it :D
    it’s so awesome.. ^o^~ I love it… !!
    thank you so much… :)

  12. nagiamatsu says:

    I have checking up this blog for quite a time and I’m impressed by the rainmeter skin you have created.

    Thanks for the hard work. Will keep watch your great creation. ^_^

  13. TazzyXO says:

    I dont understand how this works, but downloaded it.
    O_o could someone explain.
    TY.. <-

    1. Please refer to the “Rainmeter” section.

  14. orange says:

    this is the best rainmeter skin

  15. Will says:

    AWESOME *——————–*

  16. Allan says:

    I Just Installed It. Gorgeous Im UsingIt Right Now!

    Bro. You Should Open A Deviant Art Account To Start Uploading There. Please Make More Widgets. You Have Style!

    Most Important…All Works Great!.

    From NYC.

  17. I have already actually.

  18. Kurobara says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT<3 my only question is…..whats the number by the date….? i was a little confused by that

  19. It’s the time lapse counter for the music in the winamp.

    1. Kurobara says:

      i went into the code and managed to figure that out….but it doesn’t do anything when i’m playing winamp, even when i don’t interfere with the code………can you suggest any fixes?

  20. Have you consulted your problem to the Rainmeter section?

  21. Kurobara says:

    yes, and winamp is in the default player and everything….the name of the song even shows up, but the numbers right above the year won’t change even when its playing…..ah well, minor complaints of a beautiful and otherwise functional skin<3

    1. Kurobara says:

      i meant default folder (do not write comments at 3 in the morning XD;;)

  22. That’ strange, mine’s work. What Rainmeter version are you using?

    1. kurobara says:

      1.2 (64-bit) i think its the most recent so it should be fine :\ but maybe i missed something?

  23. chinekochan says:

    wait… can you give me the tutorial for instal it? pleaasseee
    i didn’t understand how…

  24. Have you read the Rainmeter section?

  25. Darkfireblade25 says:

    can you tell me how to change the mediaplayer to something like foobar2000 or itunes??? D:

    1. kazasou says:

      This skin doesn’t support other mediaplayer except for Winamp. You have to modify the .ini file and rewrite the code to use iTunes or foobar2000 plugin.

  26. djr7 says:

    this is awesome!

  27. Alist says:

    freaking coolest one ever

  28. reival says:

    how can i aply it on my desktop need help pls …

  29. Danica says:

    My rainmeter version is 2.2 and I still can’t use the iTunes feature. Help! D:

  30. Azure Devilz says:

    my rainmeter became laggy after load this
    need help >.<

  31. Grim Reaper says:

    why deleted? T/\T

    1. kazasou says:


  32. Grim Reaper says:

    please reupload >/\<

  33. Snow Chain says:

    How to extract???

  34. ponchan says:

    is there anyway i could resize this? :)

  35. fuck adfly says:

    wow, of course you’d put the download on adfly……the dumbest fucking website on the internet

    1. kazasou says:

      Yeah, I know. I decided to drop adfly for the next link since it is not worth it :)

  36. bokuwakuma says:

    hi! i really love this skin, i honestly think this is one of the best skins out there. but is there anyway i could resize this? i’ve been looking at the code and there’s so many elements haha. is there a code that could resize the whole lot?

    1. kazasou says:

      hmm, maybe I will edit this skin and put a big, medium, and small option, but we’ll see.

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