Neko Girl Wallpaper Pack

Well, not particularly a neko girl wallpaper pack since there are amount of bunny-eared girls or dog-eared girls. But let’s not talk race here, okay? I really should name this post Animal-eared Girl Wallpaper Pack, but what the hell. Anyway, this post is a response to KatanAnime request and an appreciation from me for you guys who have helped me clicking the website to help my friend thesis which he will be defensing on Thursday, 28 January 2010 tomorrow. If you guys are willing to help him please refer to this post :

Thanks for your consideration and here is the wallpaper pack I collected for you:

Zipped File Download – Credit to Kesuki.


19 responses to “Neko Girl Wallpaper Pack

  1. Nice collection you have there.

    And on the topic of wallpapers, do you take submissions for the “wallpaper of the week”? I have a fare share of good ones that I think you and others might like.

  2. omg i give you five stars on this patch of neko pictures, i swea ri saved all of them, i almost fainted, cause the art was so beautiful, keep up the great work man

  3. how do i download these since there is no link that says download, and if i save image as it downloads as a website file that takes me back to this site… -_- could yuu please send me these images through email? =)

  4. WoW I just stumbled on this site but will be sticking here for a long time. Could you please provide a dl for these tnx

  5. I know this blog hasn’t been responded to in awhile…
    But Neko Girl Wallpaper Pack download link will be listed in 5-15 minutes.

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