Anime Review: Bleach

A popular ,long running anime ”Bleach” is the one I’m going to review first.This anime started to air from October 5,2004 and is still ongoing.At the moment it has 256 episodes and 3 movies.

Story opens with a teenager Ichigo Kurasaki.He has a strange ability to see spirits.At the start of first episode it shows him talking to a dead girl who doesn’t go to ”heaven”.Later he meets her again and sees a huge monster called ”hollow” chasing her.Then suddenly one of the Shinigami’s (soul reaper) appears and kills the monster.The Shinigami’s name is Rukia Kuchiki.She then comes to Ichigo’s house and is suprised that he is able to see her since she’s a spirit.She tries to explain everything to him ,but he doesn’t believe at first until a hollow comes near his house and captures one of his sisters.Rukia sacrifices her powers and makes Ichigo a Shinigami.He defeats that hollow and later on he takes over Rukia’s orders- kill hollows and save people’s soul by leading them to ”Soul Society”.

First 52 or so episodes are really fun to watch ,but then fillers start.Of course later on they come back to the main story ,but then again the fillers start…This is where it destroys all the fun to watch the anime.About half or more than half of all episodes are fillers and that makes me mad since they are really boring and very prolonging the time.I suggest that anyone who watches it would skip the fillers since they’re boring ,but its your choice.

The 3 Bleach Movies:

  • 1.Bleach:Memories of Nobody
  • 2.Bleach:The DiamondDust Rebellion
  • 3.Bleach:Fade to Black

Main Characters:

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Rukia Kuchiki
  • Ishida Uryu
  • Sado Yasotura
  • Inoue Orihime

Please Comment and tell me what should I improve,include or exclude in next reviews.Thanks.


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