Employee Safety Disregard in Swiss German University

Imagine the horror when I went to work this morning, seeing two employees on the edge of a building trying to clean the window at my office, Swiss German University. The insane thing about it is that they don’t have any safety device which will prevent them from falling (not even a rope harness).

I was very terrified witnessing such a horrifying scene wishing that will be no accident happen in that particular event. Imagine if there was a puddle of water or mold and these guys unconsciously slip on it, sure it will be a tragic event. This picture in the left is taken from a 4th story building and those guys are cleaning the 4th floor of the building.

It’s really a shame how an institutional which call itself international standard by proclaiming the name of two best countries in Europe has a lack of responsibility in their employee’s safety. These guys are risking their life to clean the window for $100-$150 wage with no safety precaution kit whatsoever.

Is this the kind of responsibility that Swiss German University has to offer to its employee? Why won’t they invest on a rope harness to ensure their employee’s safety? My mind still wonders while I can only watch them doing their work with fear in my mind.


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