Mario Teguh Sexist Comments on Twitter — A Big Exaggeration

Actually, I could careless about this hoopla when I saw the news on MetroTV. I mean come on guys, another twitter-related news about somebody comments? I began to question, is it now in the job description of a journalist to keep an eye on social networking sites? Give us the real news please!

However, I do find this news amusing to be brought up to discussion since in my opinion a bunch of misunderstood and prejudicial people take a beef on this poor guy.

Let me give you an introduction on what is going on here. Mario Teguh is a motivation trainer who occasionally has a show in MetroTV. Well, you know what a motivation trainer do right? So I don’t have to tell you what kind of job he does.

Anyway, in one of his social networking sites, twitter, he stated that “A woman who is suitable for clubbing, drinking, and smoking buddy never will be planned on becoming a wife”. This statement fires up controversy among his twitter followers claiming that he is sexist or gender bias (I read one of the articles from Ayu Azhari calling him rasist which to me is very hilarious. There’s nothing mention about particular race here).

Anyway, I have to take a side on Mario Teguh for this one. Firstly, Mario teguh is not sexist since his statement doesn’t generalize all women. He doesn’t say that all women are suitable for clubbing, drinking, and smoking, he was seeing a small portion of women who likes to clubbing, drinking, and smoking. If you take a definition of gender bias, “Gender bias is the prejudice in action or treatment against a person on the basis of their sex. Eg. Payment of lesser salary to weaker sex workers.”

So, you will see from the definition that Mario Teguh is not judging all women to be drinker, smoker, and clubber just because they are female, but Mario Teguh is saying for a woman who likes to drink, smoke, and clubbing. No gender bias whatsoever in his statement. Now, you say because of his opinion on women he is considered to be sexist? How hypocritical. I bet all of you has a say about your counterparts at least saying “I like short-haired women” or “I don’t like women who spend to much on shoe shopping”.

Therefore, it’s a normal opinion which is free from gender bias stigma. Another hilarious argument from the executive for women right(I bet she is a feminist), is that what makes Mario Teguh a sexist is because his comment directed solely on one gender. Haah, so I guess we all have to state for both gender now? Eventhough I’m not a gay, I have to also state what men is suitable for marrying? Hilarious. I bet all this prejudicial claim is just a way of people to be in denial of what they are. When someone say something that matches their behaviour zone, they will deny and use sexist as one of countermeasure to shut the opinion of one brilliant man eventhough they misunderstood this man’s statement as hell.

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6 responses to “Mario Teguh Sexist Comments on Twitter — A Big Exaggeration

  1. And this is exactly why I don’t watch news. If I need to know something I can figure it out from my friends or family. And people just take things way too seriously and go so far overboard.

  2. I must agree that Miss Azhari really shot herself in the foot there. If there are comments that are worse than the rude and stupid kinds, it would be comments that are both.

    But I believe it distracts from the real issue, however: Mr. Teguh’s comment, while a legitimate opinion, does have a vague sexist ring to it. Maybe because it sounds as though it supports the traditional notion of “good, obedient women.” It’s harmless, of course, (I think Mr. Teguh has moe for yamato nadeshiko!) but it’s awfully judgmental and Mr. Teguh doesn’t seem to be winning any feminist award soon.

    Of course, the worst thing about this farce is not how Miss Azhari made a fool of herself or how Mr. Teguh being judgmental, but how this kind of mundane discussion made the news at all. Embarassing.

  3. I wouldn’t say he is sexist, but his statement true is a generalization. And I agree on your statement of how mundane the news has become with the news over someone comments in some social networking news.

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