Desktop Goodies: Shion Eltnam Atlasia Rainmeter

I’m on a 3 days vacation in Surabaya and I’m sorry for the rare update (really enjoying my time here in Surabaya). Nevertheless, I was determined that this post will be my restitution for the rare update. I present you a new rainmeter skin type and the character is Shion from Melty Blood series. I watched Melty Blood: Actress Again on Youtube and I really want to play the game on my PC (Anybody know a good download site for downloading this game yet?). It’s the Shiki Ryougi in the Melty Blood: Actress Again that I really want to play. Anyway, here’s the Rainmeter skin. Cheers!

Skin Name: Shion Eltnam Atlasia Rainmeter

File Size: 368 KB

Color Theme: Purple


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


7 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Shion Eltnam Atlasia Rainmeter

  1. oh, Lunar Tsukihime. cool, But…..same as other Skinz, the Music player from the Skins…..Nevar work, which is scary……Can you tell me how to use the Buttons with Windows Media Player?

  2. Thanks for the skin, again. MBAA isn’t available for the PC…yet. I guess we’ll have to stick with MBAC….

  3. thanks for the skin, but i think Souza Nurafrianto make some new button on the skin like volume button or something like this

  4. Just changed my background to a Mahou Shoujo Lycrical Nanoha theme today. So I was searching some skins from Mahou Shoujo…. But I couldn’t find any.
    Especially Fate Testarossa is one hell of a girl.
    That’s why I wanted to request a skin of her.

    I’ve uploaded both the ‘young’ fate and the ‘adult’
    ( The girl with blond hair ) Feel free to choose one if you want to do this. I don’t mind either.

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