Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase

Okay, this is actually a continuation project from the previous RPGMaker XP project. If you still haven’t looked at the first RPGMaker project, you can check it out  here (Although that project is still really ugly and basic).

Anyway, this time the project gets an enhancement to RPGMaker VX with lots of additional script to support interactive battle system. The story itself still none existing since we still deal with the basic stuff such as classes, item, weapon, skill, and other basic stuff (You can check the video if you want).

The skill animation and the characters are ripoffs from various fighting games such as Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, and Guilty Gear. The team doesn’t have skill other than basic programming understanding. However, if you guys are a graphic design savvy (especially anime that is) and want to join the project, we welcome you with open hand.

Anyway, there are a total of 7 characters in mind and 4 of them have been made. Those characters are Rion (Assassin) which animation got from Shiki Tohno from Melty Blood, Jillia (Samurai) got from Kamui Tokionomiya from Arcana Heart, Evwelyn (Dark Mage) got from Zeroko, and Edward (Swordmaster) got from Ky from Guilty Gear. Their skills are also ripoffs from popular game fightings and Mr.Bubble’s blog but with original modification.

The rest 3 characters are still in progress, but they will be white mage, beastmaster, and lancer/archer. The problem is to find the ripoff characters to be made. So if you guys have an idea of what characters in any popular works that are suitable for this, please let us know. Even better, you guys can give the link to the character animation set such as from MUGEN fighting engine. I will give you credit at the ending when the game has finished.

Souza Nurafrianto
Hashfi Rasis

Script used for the game:
Sideview Battle System
Hanzo Kimura’s Animated Title Screen
Skill Teaching Equipment & Items
Mog Script
Spin Battle System

Enu (http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/home/)
Mr. Bubble
Shu (for translation help)
Moonlight (for her passionate bug support for this script)
NightWalker (for his community support for this script)
Enelvon (transformation add-on and support)
Atoa (community and XP version support)
AlphaWhelp (code fixes and community support)
Enu (for making an awesome script)
Hanzo Kimura
modern algebra (rmrk.net)
Moghunter http://www.atelier-rgss.com


11 responses to “Darkside Rebirth Project Progress – Characters’ Skill Showcase

  1. Is the picture for the first ominous move Izaya from Durarara!!? Well actually I am fairly certain that it is. Why did you decide to draw the last two but use pictures from the internet for the first 2? Just temporary until you have more time or is the character based off of him?

  2. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Yes, it is Izaya from Durarara!! Well, the last two pictures are also from the internet (I forgot the site, though). Our team is just lack of graphic designer, man. So we only can use images that already exist on the internet. So sorry for the unoriginality here.

  3. I just realized that I didn’t even read the post, I just skipped to the video lol. I also checked out your older game and can see the massive amount of improvements you have made.

    I did some lurking for the last 3 chars…not easy to find. Here are some possible characters


    Cassandra for white mage. she uses white feathers in her special and her attacks make a white light. Also has a white not-too-flashy outfit. Probably one of the best possible WMages you will find.

    Judith and Ikkaku for lancers. Fairly simple attacks and both use lances as their weapon. I think Judith would be a better choice since Ikkaku is more widely known. There is one character named yuki which has the same moves as Judith but I could not find a download link. I don’t know of any archer/lancer combination though.

    As for beastmaster… good luck? Jill valentine has a dog attack, strider hiyru has some cyber wolf barrage, cham cham has a strange monkey thing. You might want to think of something else like maybe a beastgirl like felcia or werewolf man like Jon Talbain. A character like vincent from FF7 would be perfect because he uses a gun and turns into a werewolf for a long range/beast combo but sadly no mugen of him. Make sure the story is something epic like humanity on the verge of destruction and seven fabled hero’s have met to save the world (just not nearly as cheesy). It would suck to put all of your time into this but churn out a boring plot. These are just random suggestions but hopefully they can maybe spark an idea or two. Also forgive my massive amount of grammatical mistakes for I am too tired to proof read.

    I can’t help with any technical or graphic stuff (which basically makes me useless) but if there is anything you need let me know and I would be glad to help.

  4. Wow thanks. I’ll look into it.For the story, we still haven’t formulated anything yet. An idea that come up that the first character has another persona called “the darkside” that actually killed all his family and he is unaware of his power. The story goes on a particular quest that also involves his teammates and everytime they accomplishes it, it leads closer to his darkside persona.
    Well, at least that’s what we think of the story so far. Sorry for the trouble but is it possible if you upload the file on mediafire instead of megaupload? I’m having a hard time downloading it.

  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?yzcdmi2tny3
    I have a megaupload premium account so I just upload everything to there.

    Yeah the story looks pretty sweet though. It has a lot of potential and doesn’t sound cheesy at all. Maybe something like everything is happening in the main characters mind and his teammates are really the embodiment of his darkside Persona which is trying to overrun the good side of him. Some how he becomes convinced that the darkside is really his lightside. All of the bosses and enemies he encounter could really be the embodiment of his light side persona so everytime he defeats something he gets a little closer to the darkside, but of course he is unaware. It can still take place in a medieval fantasy world since it is all in his head anyways. Once again just some suggestions that can maybe spark an idea.

    Sorry that I wrote so much but when I saw “Hey we
    making an rpg but we don’t have a story yet and still need a few more characters” a flame sparked in my heart. I am a video game fanatic (even more than anime).

  6. nah, it’s okay man. We really need some idea for the story. Don’t worry, there will be another project progress report about the story. There, you can give as much modification as you want, to make the story more mature.
    Keep anticipating!

  7. Maybe I’m wrong, but… isn’t the music at the beggining from the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni’s BGM? I think it’s name is Rahu Goldenslaughterer.

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