Stupid Comment: Dimiss Densus 88 for Religion Discrimination

It was that morning when I woke up and watch the news on my television. I saw a familiar guy protesting about an event that was just in, the capture of a wanted terrorist, Dulmartin.

It was the man named Abu Bakar Ba’asyir who demanded that Densus 88 team to be dismissed since they exhibit a discrimination against one particular religion (I guess what he meant was Islam). Anyway, Densus 88 is like S.W.A.T or a special force in the army that specialize in neutralizing terrorist.

So, back to the case. This protest was a reaction of terrorism cases that involve Islam which includes Bali bombing case I & II, J.W. Marriott hotel bombing, Ritz Carlton Hotel bombing, and other terrorist activities in Indonesia.

Now, one by one of these terrorist goons are being apprehended and most of them are being killed during their capture since they try to resist. The latest news was from terrorist apprehension in Pamulang, Indonesia, which resulted in a gun blazing fight between Densus 88 and wanted terrorist, Dulmartin.

However, this capture seems to be viewed differently by Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. He and his follower see this act as a discrimination against Islam since now Islam is being viewed as a religion that spreads terror. He said that killing the terrorist is against the human rights and therefore, Densus 88 has violated the very right of human survival.

My argument here is, what the heck? How does he jump to the conclusion that Densus 88 violates human rights to survive by killing terrorist on the spot? It’s not like when Densus 88 wanted to apprehend this terrorist they just shoot him on the head without asking question. They shoot down the terrorist because they resist the capture and the started to fire at the force. Imagine how dangerous the situation is if there is a passerby who got shoot by this lunatic. Are you expecting apprehending a terrorist by preaching about heaven or hell, or how God loves you, while gun blazing at your direction?

Secondly, the notion of Islam breeds terror and Densus 88 is discriminating against one religion are just false assumptions. I don’t see people with turban or jilbab are getting arrested or shoot down just because they are muslims. If they hate people who discriminate that badly, why they are not protesting against terrorism act that wanted the infidels to die. Isn’t that discrimination against different religions? I say enough of this old man stupid ranting about prejudicial narrow-minded view. This man just wants to instill instability to the fight against terrorism in Indonesia.

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