Upcoming Post Series From Farce90: Touhou and Vocaloid

I recently came upon an idea that spawned from noticing that some people aren’t sure what Vocaloid and Touhou are. As such, I’ve taken the liberty of making a series of posts on the background of the Touhou and Vocaloid franchises. They will touch upon the general information, bios for each character, and possibly any sub-categories for each of the series. I will be making a single post each day, the first one starting tomorrow. I will do the Vocaloid series first to completion, and then I will do the Touhou series, also in completion. I hope for it to be enlightening and enjoyable to each and every one of you who reads it. See you tomorrow!

Here’s a little something special for you as a teaser:

Feel free to use them however you want. Same applies to any further images.


7 responses to “Upcoming Post Series From Farce90: Touhou and Vocaloid

    • I’m looking forward to it myself, to be honest. Gonna have some major fun with this stuff.

      I also have an extensive database of every single track from each and every Touhou game on the Windows system, in other words from 6 and up. So I was going to try and add a few of them for the character bios relating to the character. And a few wallpapers to boot.

  1. OMG, yes, yes, yes!!! I know of Vocaloid, and I love the music, but recently, both my friend and I have been wondering what “Touhou” is. Now I don’t have to search it up XD I’ll be looking forward to it! ^_^

    • I hope you’ll like reading it half as much as I will making it. Sadly, it’ll be awhile until I get to Touhou, but that section will be much larger seeing as how it has several dozen characters and a dozen different games.

  2. I think this is a great idea. When I first started doing some research and touhou and vocaloid (you know back in my noob days) I was very confused and searched dozens of websites trying to find out more info. I think a not too long but thorough post on the origination and ideals of both would be a great thing for the community to know. Also a small section on Black Rock Shooter would be nice because I see a lot of questions about the potentially confusing character.
    + 3 internets to you Farce90

    • I was going to have a lot of fun with the Black Rock Shooter seeing as how I’m completely obsessed with it. I’ve got a little more than a dozen Black Rock Shooter wallpapers, a BRS Windows XP theme, and several BRS FireFox themes. So yeah, going to have fun. And I hope everyone is going to look forward to and benefit from this post series. And now I’m off to start the Vocaloid post.

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