Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack

Hey guys, just wanted to do a real quick post. Some of you may know that I have an obsession with Black Rock Shooter so I’m going to take the liberty of dumping my dozen or so BRS wallpapers. It’s not exactly a lot but I’m kind of selective about my wallpapers. Hope you guys enjoy anyway.

Zipped File Download – Credit to Kesuki.


8 responses to “Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack

    • I don’t have any issues with it. Tell me exactly what the problem is and I’ll try my best to help you out.

  1. Some of the wallpapers you’ve put up won’t let me save them! It’s not only on this page, but on all of the wallpaper pages. I’ll open the image up and right click to save it and it’ll want to save as an HTML document titled ‘’

    Any help?

    • mm, easy fix is just to copy the image and paste it onto paint application =x

      You will still get the quality picture~

  2. hey, i’m new here. I found this site by looking up black rock shooter wallpapers lol. And so far i love ur blog!! Another Black Rock Shooter fan like me.

    So after skimming through here it seems u know code, so y dont you try and make a google chrome black rock shooter theme. That would be really awesome. I dont really know how to do it, but i sure theres a way :D

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