Farce 90’s Post Series – Part 2: Hatsune Miku

There are few people who haven’t heard of Hatsune Miku, yet there are some who have no idea who she is. Then there is the strange line in between where people know who she is, but don’t know anything about her. That’s what I’m here for.

Hatsune Miku is the first voice package of the Vocaloid2 program and was released on August 31st 2007 and is 16 years old. Her name is a combination of the words Hatsu (first), Ne (sound), and Miku (future). Her name basically means “The First Sound to the Future”.

Unlike her predecessors, she is more than just a general purpose voice. Her purpose is to create J-Pop songs, for the most part. With some clever working of the program songs can be made in other genres.

Several groups have emerged that utilize the Vocaloid2 program and Miku’s voice in their works. The most popular of these is Supercell (more on that later). Other ones include Sound Factory, Livetune, and Absorb, and many many others. There have also been a lot of albums released featuring voice work done completely by Hatsune Miku that have a lot of very popular songs on them.

Her popularity originated on a site called Nico Nico Douga, which is a completely Japanese video site. Her exposure began with a video of Hachune Miku, a doll-like chibi version with blank eyes, a gaping mouth, and a spinning leek, dancing to the tune of the 5th stanza of Levan Polka looped endlessly. From there she quickly caught on and hundreds more songs have been created since then.

Some of her most popular ones include Black★Rock Shooter, which is composed by Ryo of Supercell, and illustrated by Huke, also of Supercell, that features another version of Hatsune Miku (more on this in a later post). Levan Polka is arguably her most popular song. However, her most iconic song is called Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, which translates as I’ll Make You Miku-Miku-ed.Possibly her other most well known song is titled Melt and is a fantastic love song.

There have also been a lot of products released commercially, such as Miku figurines, CDs from various artists featuring various works, and even some mangas and 4komas. The most popular of these are Hatsune Mix, created by Miku’s artist Kei, and a simple 4 panel comic series called Chibi Miku-san by an artist known as Minami, which has nearly zero dialogue and everything is explained through simple, yet hilarious, pictures.

As a little bonus again, and I may do this for every post, here’s another wallpaper I scrounged up for you all. Enjoy!


15 responses to “Farce 90’s Post Series – Part 2: Hatsune Miku

      • Whoa slow down there…

        Yes you can download the vocaloid packs but it is VERY illegal. Downloading them isn’t hard but you must crack it to make them work which is not easy. It took me half a day to get Miku up and running, well maybe I just suck. As you already know there are two main programs Vocaloid and Vocaloid2. Each program needs a crack AND each individual singer needs a different crack.
        Once you delete the Japanese language file the menu interface is in English.
        I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever but I wanted to get an idea of how much work artists put in to making songs. Although the program is pretty easy (and very fun) to use the amount of time and patience it would take to make a song like Reverse Rainbow is TREMENDOUS. I have major respect to anyone who produces music with the program.
        If you want to try it out just to see what kind of effort people put into their songs I can PM you the website where I got it from.

  1. The programm has the crack within the download. everythign what you not made by yourself is illigal. upload music,programms even wallpapers if you rip them.
    and for your info i have the origin programms at home.

    • of course is the crack for each version different , by me it does work. the deletation of the japanese files you should only use after installing all programms or you get problems with the sound. but even you have it in english you need to compose with japanese letters etc etc.

  2. Oh man that sound complicated. I have no cracking experience, and only very little musical talent, which is mostly limited to brass instruments. I wasn’t planning on downloading it, and since I know nothing of the written Japanese language, I couldn’t really use it at all. Thanks for the info though, guys.

  3. I got some letter from the bonus tracks which within the download. In them are a complete song with different letters ( normally just M i for mi and such things) it needs time to find it out if you not can japanese hahaha ( the manual is in japanese so i have no ideas after all )

  4. i’ve visit your blog but i cant find the post of the programme >,< culd somebody told me where i culd download it ??

  5. i’ve visit your blog but i cant find the post of the programme >,< culd somebody told me where i culd download it ??

    *very very pleaseeee @@

  6. Oh god, I just nostalgia’d. I got a notice that trespasser commented on the post and I just went through and read the entire thing again and though to myself, “Did I write all that? No freakin’ way! :D” I’m more awesome than I thought! ^_~

  7. ahahha well this blog is awesome.. i just kinda “get lost” to this blog and read some post.. and its really cool… i mean.. its thread something i not know yet.. i indeed like vocaloid(mainly miku) before go this blog but not really know the “history” of vocaloid itself… and hmmm so im back with my question again… i still trying to find vocaloid programm .. so anybody know?? i find some blog post it with the “part” thing but its like an aXXholX .. i already download part 1 with the 250mb size but when i try download part 2 its link is gone … FXXk the hell :(

    • Well, I can’t really help you there. I know nothing of the written Japanese language so I have no reason to find a download. I do recommend that you try to find a torrent instead of a rar or 7z file. They usually have everything right in it and don’t need to be separated into other parts. Good luck.

      • i’ve already download the torrent but… i dont know what to do next @@ sorry icant extract it or whatever the file extension is .torrent but i use IZarc instead of WinRar so.. any suggestion?? oh yeah btw its me trespasser :) registered to gravatar just now @@

      • You need a torrent program in order to open a torrent file, if that’s what you mean. I used Bittorrent. Highly recommend it. You need a CD crack too. Good luck finding that, though. I have no idea how to help you there.

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