Farce90’s Post Series – Part 3: Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter, in simplest terms, is a Vocaloid sub-culture spawned from the creation of a group named Supercell. The most profound members are Ryo and Huke, who are credited with this incredible piece of work. Ryo is the composer and genius behind nearly every Supercell song. Huke is the artist who did the original work for BRS and other Hatsune Miku variants.

Black Rock Shooter originated as nothing more than a song and a piece of artwork by the original creators. However, a fan took the liberty of creating a 3D animated music video using the original song. That video gave BRS a plot. The song was originally perceived as the narrator wandering through a deserted city searching for something dear and important to her that she had lost. The version that came from the fan’s video had a different plot. The narrator’s sister, now known as Dead Master, had betrayed her and ran her through in an attempt to kill her. The narrator then spends some time tracking her down to kill her and free her spirit.

Just like with Hatsune Miku, there have been products released for Black Rock Shooter, mostly figurines. There have been clothing articles as well. Most importantly of these released products has been the pilot episode for the upcoming anime being produced and commercialized by Good Smile Company, who also released a lot of other products for BRS.

On the anime project are the directors for Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, so if it’s anything like those two its going to be a great show. The expected release date for the anime is sometime around August. I am yet unaware of the plot to the anime. There are also several other characters for Black Rock Shooter that aren’t as important and that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I will include the videos of the original music video by Huke, and the pilot episode for the anime. Enjoy! (Did I also mention I’m completely obsessed with Black Rock Shooter? I did? Well now…)

Original PV by Huke:

Pilot Episode for anime:


4 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 3: Black Rock Shooter

  1. Man I really love how these posts are coming along. Very informative. Are you a journalist or something?

    • Actually I’m a drafter. I was never really into journalism but I guess I’m good at it. When I get on a topic I absolutely love I can go completely insane with details. Glad you’re liking it.

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