Farce90’s Post Series – Part 6: Kaito

This is going to be a real short post since I can’t dig up a whole lot of information on him. That and I’ve been really stressed with my work and whatnot but I’ll give it my all, anyway.

Kaito is one of the first Vocaloids to be released, back in 2006. His voice utilizes the original Vocaloid engine, and as such his voice isn’t as realistic as others, in my opinion.

After the original release he only sold 500 packages and was deemed a failure. After the release of Hatsune Miku, his sales rocketed upwards from the original numbers.

Kaito is an all purpose Vocaloid. He can sing just about anything if you try hard enough, though he’s best suited to pop ballads and the like. His voice can also get very high and still sound strong and maintain quality.

Interesting fact: In a lot of fan-made comics and parodies and such, Kaito is often the butt of the joke in many different ways.

Sorry for the short post again, but what can you do? There’s only so much information floating around the interwebs. Tomorrow will be Meiko, so that should turn out nicely if she is as popular as I think she is.

There probably won’t be too many more posts after the next one. I’m not going to do every single Vocaloid known to man. That’d be rediculous. I will touch up on the major ones, though, and I’ll do a post on the sub-categories of other Vocaloids. Until then, have a wallpaper.


8 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 6: Kaito

  1. Let’s see who’s left. Meiko, Gackpoid, Megpoid… that’s all I can think of. Another good idea would be the fanmade made vocaloids
    Those are confusing as hell. Of course the decision is up to you but that would just about cover the most important stuff.

    Somewhat off topic but since your in the mood for biographies why not post an autobiography in the author/s section? I mean I could tell you Souza-sensei’s whole life story but you are almost as mysterious as your favorite BRS. What about the other two people in your banner Katananime and Mysteryiousgrennhairman? Why do I always ask so many damn questions? I can see your busy and all but when/if you have the time to write it I would be glad to read it.

    • Heheh. I probably should put up a biography. I’ll get to it sometime in the near future.

      As for those other Vocaloids, I was planning on doing exactly those three and then the fan-mades, also known as Utauloids. Are you reading my freaking mind or something?

      Can’t wait to do the Touhou series. That’s going to be a long one.

  2. Yeah, I’ve told him to set an autobiography on the author section. Come on Farce, expose yourself, haha. BTW, your post will be featured in a new page to promote ease in search.

    • Oh, sweet. Does that mean I get my own section or something?

      And for my autobiography, where should I add it at? Just make another post for it or what?

    • It’s for everyone actually, it’s a collection of links for informative information about certain anime or manga for the users. To make an autobiography just go to “Pages”-> “Edit”. Select the “Author” section then you can add the information below my profile.

      • Wouldn’t it be easier to make another page for Co-Authors? I really don’t feel to confident in messing around with your Author page. I’m afraid I’ll end up messing something up. Would that be alright?

    • I have no idea. I stick to the female vocaloids. I can imagine that he would fail at singing it. He doesn’t have the voice for it.

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