Farce90’s Post Series – Part 7: Meiko

Meiko is another one of the first Vocaloids to be released. She very well may have been the first one available.

Her voice is suitable for every genre, much like Kaito. You could even say she is his female counterpart.

She sold well after the original release, mostly believed to be because of her design, and then her voice second. As such, she laid the groundwork for Vocaloids to come.

I believe, personally, that her voice is one of the most realistic, even though she runs on the original Vocaloid engine. She also happens to be one of my favorites.

Sorry for another short post, but I couldn’t really find much information again. I’d like to share a song with you all but I can’t figure out how to get it to work on here. A little help here, Souza? I’ll just add it in in an edit later. But that’s all for today. Only two more posts until I’m finished with the Vocaloids and onto the Touhou series.

EDIT!: I’m adding a song here to this. I waited until now so I could get through all the major Vocaloids, since they’re all singing this one. It’s called Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun. Its about 13 and a half minutes long but I hope that won’t make you like it any less. It’s a collaboration of remixes of popular songs. Mostly other Vocaloid songs and IOSYS remixes of Touhou tracks. It’s sung by Hatsune Miku (mostly), The Kagamine Twins, Kaito, and Meiko. Hope you all enjoy. (You’re going to have to download it. Sorry guys, but I couldn’t figure anything else out. I’ll come up with a solution for later ones.)


5 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 7: Meiko

    • I’ll probably use the mediafire thing. Kinda bugs me I can’t do it directly from my computer into a post like I can with pictures, but oh well. Thanks for the info.

    • Actually you can upload music in WordPress. Just click the Add Music button on your “New Post”workspace. However, since music is highly consuming in resource, I would vote against that.

      • I actually tried that already, but apparently mp3 isn’t a valid file type. I’ll probably try and find something else, because I don’t think people would like to have to download a track every time they want to hear one. I’ll try and look for a place to upload and embed the sound files right into the post. If you know of any that would be great.

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