Farce90’s Post Series – Part 9: Utauloids

Took forever to find a decent freaking picture. Also, I don’t know hardly any of these people.


Anyway, Utaloids. They were originally considered Vocaloids. For some reason or another they were made to run on an UTAU engine to differentiate them from actual Vocaloids. The difference is, any voice can be loaded into the UTAU program. Because of that, there have been a lot of fanmade Vocaloids and different voice banks floating around the internet.

The UTAU program was founded or created, whatever, by a person by the name of Ameya or Ayame. Either one is acceptable. UTAU is also freeware and is said to work just as well as the Vocaloid program.

Teto Kasane is possibly the most popular UTAuloid around. She was originally attempted to be passed off as a Vocaloid just for laughs. Her popularity eventually caught on enough that she was made into an actual Vocaloid.

There are far too many of the UTAUloids for me to list. Surprisingly there is a list of rules in order for an UTAUloid to be considered an UTAUloid. It needs to be established, completed, and released. It also needs to have either artwork, a website, or sample works. The absolute must is that there needs to be a downloadable voice bank.

Well that’s going to do it for today. Tomorrow will be the start of the Touhou series, so I’m hoping you’re looking as forward to it as I am.


4 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 9: Utauloids

  1. I’m confused. You say that Teto is a Vocaloid when she is not. Crypton has never said she was a Vocaloid in their entire history. The VOCALOID and UTAU wiki’s also say nothing of this. Every forum I visited and asked about has responded that Teto is indeed an UTAUloid and not a Vocaloid.

    Sorry if I’m being anal, but I have to keep maximum knowledge of everything in the entire VOCALOID universe at all times, and this article is directly conflicting with a lot of things I know.

    • I could have sworn I read somewhere she was given an actual voice by one of the companies. I’m just as confused as you are now.

  2. Teto is an UTAUloid, but due to widespread popularity she has become an unofficial Vocaloid (going so far as to team up with Vocaloids frequently).

    ps. i updated the UTAU wiki page.

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