Farce90’s Post Series – Part 10: Touhou

This is the best image I could find for this post. Also, that’s probably only about one tenth of the total characters in the series. Yeah, this is going to be a long one.

First off, the Touhou series is created by the one man team called Shanghai Alice. The one man on the team goes by the name of ZUN. Team Shanghai Alice branched off from the group called Amusement Makers, all of them Japanese based. Amusement Makers made games 1 through 5. ZUN made from 6 to 12.5, the most recent one released on March 14th. Total there are 17 games and almost all of the cast consists of Gods or Demons, and a few humans and odds and ends here and there, including some fairies.

Most of the games, meaning all but three, are 2D vertical scrolling danmaku shooters. Danmaku literally translates to bullet hell, so there can be anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets on the screen at once. The other three games were projectile based fighting games. The production of those three were done by both ZUN and another group called Tasogare Frontier, who did the artwork and music, if I’m correct.

All games in the Touhou series are set in the land of Gensokyo, separated from the human world by the Hakurei Border. Gensokyo also seems to be trapped in an eternal Feudal Era from Japan’s history while the world around it is getting more modernized. There’s a lot of backstory behind Gensokyo as well. It all tells the origins of major characters, places, and events within Gensokyo. There’s a lot of landmarks in Gensokyo, too, such as the Youkai mountain, Hakugyokuro (underworld), and a lot of others that I’ll get to at a later date.

I’ll also touch up on all the games, all the characters available, and any other relevant information. And I’ll definently be doing an entire post of the IOSYS stuff. This post also turned out surprisingly short, but the rest of them will definitely be of sufficient length to make up for it all. Until then, I have a musical sample for you, and a fitting one at that. It’s considered ZUN’s theme and is taken from the event “The Dawn of Touhou”, so I find it very fitting and I hope you enjoy it.

And Souza, I feel my tagging may be insufficient so feel free to edit my tagging to your desire if you feel it necessary.


One response to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 10: Touhou

  1. Will definetly look forward to more
    PS Check out “Touhou EWI 21” on youtube (same song, with a little twist)

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