Farce90’s Post Series – Part 11: Highly Responsive to Prayers

Okay, so I’ve had to come up with a system for presenting everything in a fashionable order. I could’ve either done the characters first, or the games first. I’ll be doing games first, and characters later, since there are less games than characters, even though there are still 17 games. Anyway…

The first game in the Touhou series is entitled The Highly Responsive to Prayers, abbreviated HRtP, and introduces the ever popular and widely known Hakurei Reimu, the shrine maiden for the Hakurei Shrine. She looks different here than usual and I’ll explain that later after the 5th game, so be patient.

This game was released for the Japanese PC-98 by Amusement Makers in November of 1996. This game is considerably different in the way it was played. Reimu can’t damage enemies directly by shooting them. Instead she has to hit them with the all powerful Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb. The only problem is she can barely control it. In order to use it she has to hit it with her gohei or shoot it with bullets to move it around. She can also be killed by it if not careful. She also has a device usable once per life called “bombs” that will clear the screen of bullets and enemies. It’s also employed in all future games as well.

The plot behind this is that something has destroyed the Hakurei Shrine and Reimu isn’t going to take that sitting down. The Hakurei Shrine is located near the gate to Jigoku (Hell) and the gate to Makai, the Demon World. As such , the game has two paths and two different sets of enemies. When Reimu exits the shrine she encounters Shingyoku, the first boss EVER! Shingyoku has several forms and is said to either keep Reimu at the shrine or to test her resolve, one or the other. Note that bosses are spaced out every five stages in this game.

After the battle Reimu can either go to Hell (teehee) or can go to Makai. If Makai is chosen, she will encounter the evil eyes, YuugenMagan. After another five stages she battles the not so innocent devil, Elis. At the edge of Makai and another five levels later she comes across the Fallen Shrine and battles the Angel of Death, Sariel, who may have led Reimu to the fallen shrine in the hopes of trapping her in Makai forever. Upon defeated her, Reimu returns to the shrine.

The alternate route leads to Hell. The first boss encountered is the vengeful ghost and all powerful magician, Mima. Mima will be getting her own post later since she has actual information. After defeating Mima, Reimu comes across the anonymous Kikuri, who isn’t very important at all. Finally, deep within Hell, Reimu find the Silent Shrine and encounters Konngara, who may have destroyed Reimu’s shrine out of sinful jealousy. Not much is really clarified. Afterwards, Reimu returns to the shrine just hoping to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Characters from this game to be getting posts later:



I hope this sufficiently lengthy post will hold you all over until tomorrow, where I’ll be explaining the second game in the Touhou series. See ya guys.


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